Reltio Identity 360 FAQs

How to Get Started for Free

With the free tool, Reltio Identity 360, we have put together a quick Q&A to answer any questions you might have. If you do not see your answer to the question below, please go to the Reltio Community, create a login, and ask your question.

  1. What is the anticipated time between online registration and provisioning of the tenant for a free tier customer?
  2. Between 3-10 minutes.
  3. If Identity 360 Premium is Person-only, is enterprise required to get Org and Contact?
  4. At this point in time, Enterprise 360 is required if you want to add Org entity type or any other entity type until we release Account 360 and Customer 360.
  5. Can we customize workflows in Identity 360?
  6. The Identity 360 Premium edition has pre-configured data governance workflows. Enterprise 360 is required for customization.
  7. How is ‘universal id’ implemented in Identity 360?
  8. Universal ID is using the Reltio URI/Entity ID as the underlying capability.
  9. What functionality is not included in Identity 360?
  10. Configuration functionality is not available for UI or for the L3. The Data Model and UI model are available for viewing only. Also, SSO is not available at this time. DQIQ and Data Sciences are also not available with Identity 360.
  11. Is there a link from the Identity 360 product to the Community for easy access?
  12. Yes today you can access the community from the Identity 360 splash page or right here.
  13. Can the Identity 360 user delete the sample data?
  14. Yes, sample data can be deleted. We have tied that into the More menu and added the steps to the documentation.
  15. In the free version, can the customer export the data to Excel or other format?
  16. Yes, the data can be exported to Excel or other formats that are supported by Export functionality.
  17. Can customers request provisioning in a certain cloud?
  18. No, customers cannot choose the underlying Cloud. This is controlled by Reltio.
  19. There is a “Data Quality Issues” UI facet in the Dashboard view. What will be displayed there for the Free edition?
  20. There are a set of predefined Data Validation functions. The Data Quality facet will display the violations and will assist the data steward to rectify them.
  21. Can the user toggle the “splash” screen back on after their initial login?
  22. Yes, the splash screen can be toggled with a “?” icon on the screen.
  23. Will customers get any read-only access to RDM base data?
  24. RDM is being utilized for specific attributes but is not exposed to the customers in the Free-tier. This will be added as a capability in the Premium tier where each customer will have access to their own RDM tenant and UI.
  25. What is the process if a customer of of identity 360 wants to associate their data to a source that is not listed in the sources dropdown for data loader? will there be a request section somewhere for this to be added to the list?
  26. Customers can use the Idea Portal to suggest enhancements. Also, there are generic sources that can be utilized (CRM, ERP, etc) if a specific source name is not available.
  27. Can customers sign-up for the Free edition using a college or higher education email address (*.edu)?
  28. Yes, these email addresses are allowed to sign up.

Chris Detzel

Global Community Program Manager

Guy Vorster

Principal Solutions Consultant