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Reltio Connects MDM in the Cloud for Business

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Today’s organization uses many applications—both on premises and in the cloud—to manage its business, and it’s easy for data to become fragmented with multiple versions of the truth. You may have noticed this in your business: the more applications you add, the more challenging managing the data becomes. Master data management (MDM) can help bring the data together for a trusted data foundation.

However, MDM—originally deployed primarily on premises—needs to be more adaptable, faster to adopt, and easier to manage. Ventana Research estimates that 7 in 10 organizations will migrate on-premises workloads to cloud platforms by 2025. Cloud-based MDM offers new opportunities to address these challenges.

Reltio, the first-of-its-kind, cloud-native SaaS MDM, unifies multisource, fragmented data into a single source of truth. It cleanses, deduplicates, and validates your data— and enriches it from third-party data sources in real time. So you can make comprehensive, high-quality data available to all your teams when they need it. We believe your data should move you forward, not hold you back.

But don’t take our word for it. Read the analyst perspective by Ventana Research, “Reltio Connects MDM in the Cloud for Business.”