Webinar and Demo: Improving Consumer Engagement and Driving ROI in the Stay-at-Home Economy

The verdict is in: Digital is the new normal for the CPG industry. As the “stay-at-home” economy is opening-up, CPG and Retail companies are adapting to new ways to improve consumer engagement and drive ROI. Even the businesses that were sitting on the fence of digital transformation have accelerated their projects to power data-driven real-time operations and consumer engagement.

Connected consumer profiles provide a mission-critical foundation to power digital transformation with advanced analytics and AI applications. With holistic consumer insights, they can predict consumer behavior and hyper-personalize consumer engagement throughout the consumer journey to improve acquisition, drive loyalty, and increase ROI.

In this session, Stephan Zoder, VP, Value Consulting and Swati Sinha, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Reltio will discuss:

  • Trends shaping consumer engagement
  • Challenges faced by the CPG industry in delivering a connected consumer journey — and how to overcome them
  • Best practices to build a connected customer profile
  • Key consumer KPIs impacting your ROI
  • Real-life success stories and use-cases


  Swati Sinha 
Senior Director of Product Marketing, Reltio
  Stephan Zoder
VP of Value Consulting, Reltio


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