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Google Data Cloud Summit

Wednesday, April 6, 2022
9 am - 12:00 pm PDT

Google Data Cloud Summit

Join Reltio at the Google Data Cloud Summit to gain insights from technology leaders and data professionals to capitalize on the next wave of data solutions. Discover how you and your organization can make smarter decisions and solve complex challenges with key innovations in AI, machine learning, analytics, and databases.

As a Signature Sponsor, Reltio invites you for a special fireside chat with Manish Sood, Founder, CTO, and Chairman at Reltio, and Pranav Nambiar, Director of Product Management, Google Cloud Databases
about how Reltio and Google Cloud help you Accelerate the Value of Data. Manish also will discuss Reltio’s use of Google Cloud’s technologies such as BigQuery and Big Table.

Sign-up for a chance to win!

Summit attendees can sign-up for a chance to win one of three Yeti Flip 12 coolers we will be giving away.