Customer Data Platforms Overpromise And Underdeliver
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For B2C Marketers, Customer Data Platforms Overpromise And Underdeliver

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To stay competitive in the digital economy enterprises need a strong and trusted data foundation to deliver customer-centric and relevant engagement. Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) claim to consolidate the disparate data and simplify complex orchestration processes. But enterprises fail to realize that CDPs are a quick solution for a short term strategy and will not help with long term goals and larger data challenges. This report provides a close look at CDPs’ capabilities and shortcomings and guides B2C marketers through the CDP marketplace.

This report covers:

  • CDPs Can't Solve B2C Marketers' Most Pressing Problems
    CDPs lack crucial capabilities to solve for identity resolution, data hygiene, and cross-channel orchestration. Thus, they can't meet enterprise B2C marketers' expectations for personalized and targeted customer engagement.
  • Marketers, Evaluate Your Existing Tech Before Jumping Into A CDP Evaluation
    Marketing clouds, identity resolution vendors, data-oriented agencies, and even Google are renewing their emphasis on activating customer data for better cross-channel engagement. Marketers should closely evaluate their existing tools and services to ensure a CDP won't be duplicative or unnecessarily complex.
  • If You Are Considering A CDP, Let Use Cases And Marketing Challenges Lead The Way
    The CDP market is too disparate for firms to evaluate it as a whole. Instead, marketers' use cases should drive decisions on which type of CDP may support their needs: data pipes, orchestration, automation, or measurement.

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