Data-Driven Transformation in Financial Services – AWS & Reltio

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For the financial services sector the shift to true data-driven customer-centricity can propel faster growth, strengthen risk management, and enhance customer interactions. However, most banks are held back by data silos, inflexible legacy IT applications and systems, and a shortage of relevant skills. In the aftermath of recent bank collapses, data-driven decision-making and customer understanding are also being prioritized as risk management strategies.

But what does it take to build a data-driven financial services organisation? In what ways can data-driven personalisation transform customer experience and drive loyalty? How can data best be standardised, unified, and mobilised to power AI initiatives such as chatbots and process automation? And what processes, technologies, and skills are required for banks to evolve into customer-first, data-driven organizations?

Who should watch: CIOs, CDOs, data and analytics leaders in life sciences

Key learning objectives: Understand the role of data in your transformation journey, how to leverage data unification for better customer insights, and the role of data in harnessing AI capabilities.