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Analyst Report: Gartner, Articulating MDM Value to the Business

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Deliver Business Value Fast by Moving Beyond MDM to Connected Enterprise 360 Profiles

If you’re a CIO or CDO, or you’re responsible for enterprise architecture, customer data or master data management (MDM), you’re undoubtedly under tremendous pressure. It’s on you to employ data strategically and cost effectively so you can speed up your digital business transformation, innovation and growth. You’re responsible for leading a range of key initiatives, including digital, loyalty, customer experience, compliance and privacy and consent management. Adding to the challenge is that these data initiatives are often enterprise wide.

So how do you speak the language of your business stakeholders and get consensus and support across the enterprise?

The Gartner report, Articulating MDM Value to the Business1, advises that data and analytics leaders driving MDM programs in support of their data and analytics strategies should:

  • "Demonstrate a causal link between key business outcomes and MDM, by identifying how an MDM program enables business goals of running, growing and transforming the business.
  • Study the MDM scenarios in this research to identify value for the business when aligning MDM with business outcomes, and when tying higher-level business cases to MDM-based improvements for gaining continued stakeholder commitment to the MDM program.
  • Use an MDM business case framework to evaluate and categorize metrics that support business engagement and prioritization."

Download the report for specific recommendations, real-world examples of initiatives enabled by MDM, and a Business Value Model to create support and alignment between IT and Business.

1 Gartner, Articulating MDM Value to the Business, 19 October 2020, Divya Radhakrishnan, Simon Walker, Sally Parker