Reltio Connected Data Platform

Few industries have seen as much change as global entertainment from content production to distribution in an age of fragmentation and evolving consumption habits. In this session, Thuy Kim, VP of Content Data Services shares how Warner Brothers launched an MDM program to transform its media supply chain to streamline content distribution across 140+ countries. Learn more about where they focused their initial efforts, how they built for scale, and how they measured success.
In this session, Deanne Branham, VP of Global Professional Services and Customer Success at Reltio, discusses how the Reltio Way Delivery Methodology provides an approach that’s agile and iterative to support customers on the fastest path to value, then enables them to experience value early and often. Join this session to learn about value milestones and best practices that deliver positive business outcomes at every step of the journey.
In this session, Venki Subramanian, SVP of Product Management discusses Reltio’s vision and product strategy as Reltio accelerates investments to deliver industry-leading innovations in AI/ML enhanced data unification, data activation, and real-time performance and scalability.
In this session, Ayan Basu, Senior Director of Product Management, and Aurore Wu, VP Product Marketing are joined by Mevan Jayasooriya from Arvest Bank, to share how Reltio Velocity Packs are being used by organizations to jumpstart their MDM journey, with a spotlight on Arvest Bank. This session also covers business value frameworks and how to utilize those for MDM projects.
Join this session to discover the art of shaping an enterprise data and analytics strategy, spanning alignment with business use cases, operational model definition, and technology selection. You will hear best practices for prioritizing data management projects in sync with business goals. We will explore real-world examples highlighting the positive business outcomes of implementing a robust enterprise data strategy.
Eager to secure executive backing for a new MDM investment or expansion? Join this session to uncover methods to quantify and convey the business impact of your data investments within your organization. We will dive into how Shiseido wields their trusted data foundation for groundbreaking digital consumer and partner engagements, alongside evolving its analytics solutions. Join us for a session that provides concrete examples of data-driven customer relationship management and KPIs that reinforce MDM's value.
As inflation continues to rise and travelers face higher airfares and hotel rates, consumers and corporations alike are constantly seeking ways to alleviate the escalating travel expenses. By building a consistent, personalized profile of your customers, it becomes increasingly easier to market to them from an operational standpoint and therefore boost loyalty and revenue. Learn how Radisson Hotel Group is building a solid data foundation through MDM to drive customer satisfaction, remove operational inefficiencies, and drive better conversion rates.
As HP set out to transform itself as a service and solution oriented organization, leaders realized that its data strategy would need to adapt as well. In this session, Chad McCord, Senior Manager at HP, shares HP’s MDM journey which supported the creation of a single view of the customer and rich profiles and how they’re being leveraged enterprise-wide. Learn about how HP’s architectural approach enabled greater flexibility, scalability and how that enabled its IT organization to deliver innovative solutions.
Today, consumers have many financial institutional options when choosing how to plan for retirement, buy a house, and save for college. Building trust and loyalty is integral to being the bank of choice for customers during these key milestones. In this session, learn how First Tech Federal transitioned its business being product-centric to member-centric to provide an improved customer journey through data and insights and how MDM played a role in this evolution.
In this session, Inderpal Bhandari will discuss how Data and Artificial Intelligence have advanced over the last decade; how to scale and operationalize AI in a large enterprise; and important considerations for CXOs when integrating AI into their business operations. Get ready for an enlightening session on a technology that will shape the future.
Join us for an insightful presentation as we explore the transformative power of data and analytics in driving Generative AI within the life sciences industry. We’ll delve into the strategic collaboration between AWS and Reltio, showcasing real world case studies, industry trends, and illuminated examples of Generative AI applications.
In this panel, Shail Jain from Foresight Ventures and Marci Stoetzel from Seagen discuss common misconceptions of data mesh; the importance of anchoring on data experiences; and Seagen’s journey to unleash data consumption through data mesh. Join this session to learn how to select use cases strategically, and how to iterate and learn rapidly.
Data is widely considered the most valuable asset in the world; that data is no longer just the exhaust of the business, but more and more is becoming the main focus of business. If data is the new oil in driving the economic growth of the 21st century, then how effective is your organization at leveraging data and analytics to derive and drive new sources of business and operational value?
The panel discussion will explore the real-world impact of establishing a modern data foundation for advanced analytics/ML and customer-centricity in financial services. We will go into the data essentials for streamlined, personalized customer experiences and the role of modern MDM in transforming the industry. Panelists will provide insights on constructing a persuasive business case for MDM adoption and critical factors that contribute to an MDM program's long-term sustainability and success.
In this session, Vivian Wu and Ramu Amanchi share their cross-functional perspectives on key decisions regarding approach and how they operationalized to ensure the desired impact. Learn from their insights and best practices for success in MDM programs from inception through successive phases.
In today’s customer-centric economy, businesses must deliver exceptional customer experiences to achieve brand loyalty. To support this, data professionals know that the way to radically improve the way organisations can deliver this personalised and seamless omnichannel experience is by harnessing the power of data within their business. And to achieve that you need to combine modern master data management (MDM) with artificial intelligence (AI).
AI/ML has crossed the chasm as organizations are seeking ways to harness its game-changing potential to drive greater automation, boost operational efficiency and enhance customer experiences. Data leaders are at the forefront of this transformation, yet find themselves stymied by siloed, fragmented data that’s next to impossible to activate across the enterprise, much less utilized in AI models.