Reltio Connected Data Platform

Financial services firms are disrupted by fintech, new business models, and customer demands for easy-to-use products and experiences available anytime/anywhere at low cost. Fragmented or poor-quality data gets in the way. 
Healthcare providers are challenged to expand digital health, provide value-based care, and deliver great patient outcomes, while simultaneously increasing their efficiency and agility. But fragmented, outdated, poor-quality data can get in the way.  
Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) is a regulatory requirement to facilitate the unique identification of medicinal products in the context of pharmacovigilance and the safety of medications throughout the world. Most pharma companies will need to undergo a transformation of processes to support this regulation—and data is at the center. This solution brief explains how our cloud-native SaaS master data management (MDM) accelerates and simplifies your IDMP compliance while streamlining operations, enhancing data quality, and delivering low TCO with fast time to value.
Trusted data moves your business forward. From understanding each customer’s journey so you can serve them better, to driving top-line growth and innovation, streamlining your processes, and minimizing regulatory risks.
Businesses are investing in MDM solutions to build a unified, reliable, and real-time data foundation to power their business operations and insights. The match-and-merge process plays a key role to align data across systems, deduplicating…
One Person, One Profile, One Connected Experience in minutes with Reltio Identity 360. Reltio Identity 360 brings all the Person data together from various internal and external sources in real-time to create One Profile. You…