Multi-Domain, Cloud-native Master Data Management with Big Data Architecture

To win in the experience economy, you need to understand your customer holistically, leveraging insights into their demographics, buying behavior, intent and preferences. In order to orchestrate a memorable, rewarding customer journey, you need connected, real-time, comprehensive and contextual visibility.

With Reltio Connected Customer 360, you can gain a holistic, real-time and actionable understanding of your B2B and B2C customers. Unlike legacy Master Data Management systems, Reltio platform helps you bring together data of all types and from all sources, discovers relationships among people, products, organizations and places and help deliver actionable insights that power real-time operational execution at the point of engagement. The platform aggregates, refines, reconciles, and relates data from hundreds of sources, while delivering continuously optimized performance. Come and see how our Master Data Management software can help you business grow today. 

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Taking A Customer Experience Approach to Multi-Domain Master Data Management

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“Reltio renews the MDM category with modern architecture and advanced features." "Reltio Provides one of the most versatile MDM products on the market and one of the few ready to evolve into MDM's third generation.”

– Forrester Wave: Master Data Management Q1 2019

Cloud-native Master Data Management For All Data, From All Sources, At Big Data Scale

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  • Truly Multi-Domain
    The Reltio cloud MDM platform helps you deploy customer, organization, employee, assets, location, and product data within the same instance, breaking down data silos.
  • Comprehensive Profiles
    With Reltio Connected Customer 360, you can cleanse, match, merge and unmerge data of any type and domain, including customers, suppliers, employees, locations and products. You can establish a single customer view (SVOC) by blending and relating data from a range of internal, external, and third-party sources, references, transactions, interactions and social channels.
  • Modern Architecture with Connected Graph
    Featuring Connected Graph, Reltio Connected Customer 360 MDM tool enables you to store and index an infinite number of attributes and relationships from structured or unstructured sources. In addition, the graph technology uncovers many-to-many relationships across people, products, organizations, and locations.
  • Machine Learning-based Matching
    The Reltio platform combines rule-based and machine-learning-based matching. The machine-learning-based external match feature allows you to verify and accept match criteria, training the system to optimize matching and make more accurate predictions.
  • Data Quality Confidence Indicators
    Reltio Connected Customer 360 continuously calculates the quality of all profiles and scores them for user as actionable metrics. This data integration tool provides a consistent way to quantify data quality to promote reliability and business value.
  • History & Lineage
    Compare and view historical data and changes with attribute-level granularity. View and control historical data changes across systems, and ensure data integrity with ease.

Business Agility. Enterprise Scale.

  • Realize quick time to value through SaaS deployment and pre-configured data models.
  • Boost agility by adapting to changing data sources and attributes, without any tedious customizations or downtime.
  • Empower business and data users with consumer- grade user interfaces with contextual information.
  • Scale to support real-time operations for thousands of users and billions of searches per day.
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Reltio Connected Customer 360
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“Reltio is the only cloud-native MDM solution that qualified for this Magic Quadrant. Consistent with this, 100% of reference customers reported cloud deployment. As a cloud-only MDM solution, we anticipate Reltio to maintain this lead for several years yet.”

– Gartner MQ for Master Data Management, 2018

Improve your business process and data integration with our master data management software. With Reltio, we will help you refine your operational efficiency by creating an effective MDM strategy that works. Innovative Brands Trust Reltio Connected Customer 360 MDM platform to
Win in the Experience Economy