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Reltio Configuration Fundamentals

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Course Overview

Our configuration fundamentals course creates a foundation for the skills necessary to the technical roles responsible for configuration and integration of Reltio solutions. Through the course modules, learners will learn to work with Reltio’s metadata model configuration, working with data, creating cleanse, match and survivorship rules along with data integration techniques. This course is a combination of self paced video modules and hands on learning labs using Reltio training tenant.

Course Prerequisistes & Target Audience

Reltio configuration fundamentals course is designed for technical roles like configurators, developers and architects.
To ensure success, we recommend our learners prepare by researching or expanding their knowledge in the following areas prior to signing up for this course:
⦁ Master Data Management

Course Content

The Reltio Configuration Fundamentals course covers the following topics:

Final Project

After completion of self paced videos and learning labs, learners then complete a final assessment and submit a project with business case requirements designed to mimic a real world project implementation scenario using their Reltio training tenant.

Course Expectations

Learners can access the Configuration Fundamentals modules through our learning management system at their convenience. Each module can stream on computers, tablets, or mobile phones.

Learners who want to participate in our learning labs may receive access to a training instance of the Reltio Cloud. Access to the training tenant expires in two weeks. This “tenant” supports 12 comprehensive and interactive learning labs culminating in a final project based on a business case scenario.

After successful participating in the modules, exercises, lab work, and assessments, learners can demonstrate their skills and knowledge through a final assessment. We require a grade of at least 80% to receive a certificate of completion.

Time Commitment

This course requires approximately 20 hours to complete the self paced learning and hands on activities.