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Reltio Cloud Beginner 101

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This course provides a technical overview of the Reltio Application along with an introduction to Reltio, its products, and user experience. Reltio Cloud Beginner also contains modules on Reltio Architecture, Reltio Data Model, Users, Roles, Reltio platform functions, and the Data management Lifecycle Process.

Our blended learning system supports both the independent learner who enjoys self-paced interaction and learners who desire some instructor guidance.

Course Prerequisites & Target Audience

Cloud Beginner creates the foundation of technical skills for roles like configurators and architects. To ensure success, we suggest that individuals prepare by researching or expanding their knowledge in the following areas:

  1. Master Data Management
  2. JSON & Arrays
  3. REST API’s

Course Content

Reltio cloud beginner 101 course covers the following topics:

  • Reltio Applications (Solutions) Introduction
  • Reltio Architecture
  • Navigating the Reltio User Interface
  • Reltio Data Model: Entity Types, Attributes, Sources, Crosswalks, Graphs,
  • Reltio Users and Roles
  • Reltio Data Management LifeCycle
    • Cleansing
    • Match & Merge
    • Survivorship

Course Expectations

Learners receive access to a personal instance of the Reltio Cloud (application/solution). This “tenant” supports five comprehensive and interactive learning labs culminating in final project based on business case scenario. The labs allow direct modification of the metadata model in the Reltio Tenant that mimics workplace requirements of configurators and architects. We continually monitor, check, and guide progress throughout the course by way of practical exercises and graded formative assessments.

After successful participating in the modules, exercises, lab work, and assessments, learners can demonstrate their skills and knowledge through a final theory exam and practicum. We require a grade of at least 80% to receive a certificate of completion.

We provide continuous access to the self-paced video modules for learners to review, refresh, or learn as we grow and maintain our relationship. The total time commitment is 12 hours, including the Self paced content and labs.