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Reltio and AWS

Explore the competitive advantage of the Reltio and Amazon Web Services (AWS) alliance

Learn how to gain a complete view of your customers and win in the experience economy.

Drive Hyper-personalization

Boost customer acquisition, retention and long-term value by creating connected, consistent and hyper-personalized customer journeys across every touchpoint with powerful customer segmentation

Simplify Compliance

Simplify the customer data sprawl nightmare to comply with GDPR, CCPA, and emerging regulations for customer consent, and communication preferences

Accelerate Real-time Operations

Accelerate revenue from new business ideas, reimagine business processes, and streamline customer interactions with actionable customer insights

Faster Time to Results

Reltio is born in the cloud, not retrofitted from an on-prem system, and provides a safe, agile, scalable, smart based on ML-ready Big Data on AWS

Healthcare and Life Sciences

8 of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies trust AWS and Reltio to manage data that matters most

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Hear from Curt Pearlman, VP of Customer Experience at Reltio about AWS and Reltio


Take a Deeper Dive into Multi-Model Architecture on AWS

Multi-model Data

  • Graph schema represents real-world entities, relationships, reference data, interactions
  • Easy to support new use cases
  • History, lineage, sources cross reference, data standardization, correlation, augmentation

Agility, Flexibility, & Scale

  • Reltio’s agile data management quickly adapts to changing business
  • Flexibility to support global and local business requirements concurrently

Fast Time-to-Value

  • Entire environment ready on day one
  • Pre-built data models, templates, workflows, and data-driven applications

Native Cloud Platform

  • Safe, Agile, Scalable, Smart, based on ML-ready, “Big Data” architecture on AWS
  • Reltio is born in the cloud, not retrofitted from an on-prem system
  • Higher rate of innovation and adoption of new technologies

Delivering speed to value with Reltio and AWS

Free from the limitations of relational data modeling, Reltio Cloud captures and automatically models a variety of structured and unstructured master, reference, transaction, and activity data, without any volume restrictions.

Protect your data with AWS cloud-powered security

The security model of AWS and its compliance to stringent security standards of diverse verticals assures a safe global infrastructure with high availability.

Learn More

Reltio Cloud is built on a multi-model architecture data foundation. It’s a single place where you can bring different types of data together—entities, relationships, graphs, interactions, transactions, reference data, as well as social and third-party data. Basically, everything under one virtual data roof. Learn more

Security use that

Optimized for AWS Technologies

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) for running database and search indexes
  • AWS Lambda for micro-batching when saving changes from Reltio Cloud to Amazon S3 for analytical storage
  • Amazon CloudWatch for monitoring several services
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for analytical storage, backups, and customer’s image storage
  • Amazon DynamoDB as a backend storage for UI to persist user preferences and parameters for UI graph visualization.

Retail and Enhanced Customer Experience

GLOBAL FAST FOOD RESTAURANT CHAIN – Enhance consumer experience and building loyal fans. Learn more

Insurance and Financial Services

GLOBAL SPECIALTY INSURANCE COMPANY – From policy-centric to customer-centric. Learn more