Simplify Compliance & Data Governance

Data Governance is important. Your business now has to comply with a range of regional and international privacy regulations, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). These laws give consumers the right to their information, and have significant implications for the way you collect, store and use your customer data. If your organization fails to comply, it can be exposed to fines, lawsuits, brand damage and reduced customer loyalty. Having the right data governance workflow is critical.

Reltio Connected Customer 360 simplifies the process of complying with evolving privacy regulations. The Reltio platform features data governance workflow capabilities that make it easy to manage and define processes for data governance, including handling consent changes, deletions, updates, corrections and more. The platform enables your large user base to collaborate effectively, and to rate, rank and initiate change requests.


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Meet All Your Compliance & Reporting Needs

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  • Configurable Workflows
    With Reltio Connected Customer 360, data governance workflow designs are executed in an engine that offers complete support for the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) 2.0 standard.You can easily configure existing or create new workflows.
  • Pre-configured Workflow Templates
    The Reltio platform features pre-configured templates for a range of data governance workflows, including reviewing potential matches, deleting entities, creating new entities and requesting changes. The platform makes it easy to support a range of business use cases and compliance requirements, including GDPR and CCPA.
  • Task Management & Routing
    The platform features a lightweight and modern task management feature that enables data stewards and business users to collaborate and manage tasks. The platform supports flexible, rule-based routing, including round-robin, get-next, highest priority and custom rules.
  • Easy Monitoring
    The platform features pre-configured analytics and visual indicators of key metrics, so you can efficiently benchmark performance and track progress against business process objectives.
  • GDPR & CCPA Support
    Reltio Connected Customer 360 has built-in capabilities that help you comply with regional requirements like GDPR and CCPA including identification of personally identifiable information (PII) and classify relevant attributes. The platform also makes it easy to track and comply with individuals’ communications preferences and consent and provides workflows for managing consumer requests for data access, changes and deletions.

Better Data Governance For Better Customer Experiences

  • Increase productivity and enterprise wide collaboration with modern task management, including chat, discussion threads and ratings.
  • Establish the compliant and trustworthy data practices that foster customer trust and boost lifetime value.
  • Quickly and efficiently adapt to evolving privacy regulations so you can reduce the risk of non-compliance penalties.
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