Power advance analytics and artificial intelligence you need
to succeed in the Experience Economy

For your organization to compete in experience economy, it’s imperative to leverage analytical insights that powers enhanced experiences and decisions. However, meeting these objectives is next to impossible if you’re relying on disparate, disconnected master data management (MDM) systems and reporting tools.

Reltio Connected Customer 360 offers a better way. With the platform, you can combine your mission-critical master data and machine learning in one, single cloud platform, fostering optimized insights and operational execution. Reltio Connected Customer 360 offers an on-demand environment that delivers big data at scale. As a result, you can speed your time to analytics, enhance your agility and obtain more relevant, accurate and actionable insights.

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Chitra Varma

– Chitra Varma, IQVIA

Insight-ready Data. When You Need. Where You Need.

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  • Insight-ready Data
    Reltio Connected Customer 360 puts all the information and machine learning you need in one place, accessible in real-time. The platform can power deeper analytics by consolidating reliable and accurate data from master profiles, interactions and transactions, as well as third-party, public and social media sources. Reltio uses real-time, machine-learning-based matching to uncover patterns and detect anomalies, powering optimized data accuracy and quality. By running analytics on a reliable data foundation, your teams can make better, more informed decisions.
  • Organized Data for Analytics
    With the Reltio platform, you can establish a single, reliable source of structured and unstructured data to run traditional and non-traditional analytics. By automating updates with changing business scenarios, the platform helps you keep up with dynamic business environments. The Reltio platform also offers connectors that provide seamless data integration with analytic platforms, such as Snowflake and Google Big Query.
  • Closed loop between DQ, intelligence, and action
    With the bi-directional connectors, you can leverage aggregated metrics and scores to enrich and improve your connected customer 360 profiles.
  • Speed that Matches your Business
    With its cloud-native architecture, Reltio Connected Customer 360 makes deployment fast and simple. The platform offers pre-configured connectors for analytics environments, making it easy to leverage reliable data. The platform delivers data in real time to analytics applications and machine learning algorithms.

Reliable data to power your big ideas

  • Provide insight-ready data to your data science and analytics teams, so they can save time and deliver better insights.
  • Maximize the returns on your artificial intelligence and machine learning investments.
  • Leverage a reliable data foundation to make informed decisions.
  • Gain the omni-channel insights you need to optimize the customer experience across all touchpoints.
  • Lower your total cost of ownership by harnessing a platform that enables you to scale up and down, on demand.
SubProduct Data Science And Analytics 2 Laptop
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