Power Connected Experiences

with the data that matters most

Reltio Follows the Strictest Security and Compliance Standards

Why Reltio Connected Customer 360?

Gain Business Agility
  • Accelerate time-to-value, reduce TCO and upgrade
    without disruption
  • Quickly onboard new data sources to enrich Connected Customer 360 Profiles, while respecting compliance requirements 
  • Add, change or remove customer profile attributes without downtime
  • Empower app developers to quickly build and launch new digital experiences fueled by Connected Customer 360 Profiles
Power Real-time Operations at Enterprise Scale
  • Scale to billions of Connected Customer 360 Profiles 
  • Enrich profiles with thousands of attributes,  relationships, transactions and interactions from hundreds of data sources
  • Operate in real-time, 24/7  and scale to support thousands of users
Bring Big Ideas to Life
  • Gain deep, data-driven and actionable insights about all customers to deliver hyper-personalized experiences
  • Drive your digital transformation roadmap with connected customer data 
  • Leverage insight-ready data to maximize the value of machine learning and AI investments

Demo Webinar Responsive Data in Action

Powerful Environment
for Data Operations & Data Stewards that Value Speed and Agility

Step 1 Step 1
  • Flexible data model
  • Smart matching
  • Powerful lineage
  • Flexible search
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Tailor profiles by function

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