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LumenData: Tarun Batra, CEO

We sat down with Tarun Batra, CEO of LumenData, to learn more about LumenData’s data mastering solutions.


Hello! I am the CEO of LumenData, a leading Enterprise Information Management consultancy that provides deep expertise in implementing MDM, Data Strategy, Data Quality, Data Governance, Marketing Automation, Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics solutions. I co-founded LumenData with Nimish Mehta, LumenData’s Chairman, in 2008.

Prior to LumenData, I led the MDM and BI consulting practice at Oracle North America, where I built the UCM and West Region CRM consulting practices for Siebel. At that same time, Nimish was the Senior Vice President of Industry Applications at Oracle, reporting directly to then CEO Larry Ellison.

At LumenData, Nimish and I work very closely with our clients and partners, and we are always actively involved with our customer-facing and technical teams in all aspects.


When Nimish and I worked together at Oracle, we had noticed that data management was being treated only as a technical solution to a technical problem. The data was clean after the implementation, but it often never reached key stakeholders or made a measurable business impact to the organization. Customers struggled with leveraging the data to build a more comprehensive view of their business entities (customers, products, etc.) and maximizing their investment in the data management platforms in order to gain a competitive advantage. LumenData became our solution to that unmet need.

At LumenData, we believe that a successful implementation includes not only the technology but also an in-depth understanding of our clients’ business challenges and short- and long-term goals, thought leadership, and flexibility. We also understand that implementing entirely new solutions may not be feasible for every business, so we actively support the inclusion of existing technology into the new data management infrastructure.


Over the past two years, LumenData has organically grown to also include expertise in Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Audience Solutions, and Marketing Automation – all areas that are foundationally based on trusted and clean data obtained from data management platforms such as Reltio.

Beyond successful implementations, one of LumenData’s key strengths is our history of strategic collaboration with partners on industry- and vertical-specific solutions. LumenData was a key part of the team which helped build the Reltio-Salesforce connector, and we are currently partnering with Reltio on other exciting initiatives, which will be announced over the next few quarters.


The LumenData team has extensive expertise in data quality, data governance, data strategy, and predictive analytics that helps clients take Reltio’s modern data management solution and digital applications beyond the technology. LumenData’s clients are able to gather relevant and reliable insights into their customers’ behaviors and interactions, their product records and relationships, and their operational performance in real-time, batch, or ad-hoc so that they can rapidly make decisions to meet business goals and overcome challenges in marketing, sales, channels, and more. Our goal is to help our clients find value in their data mastering solutions, from gaining insights to minimizing risks, costs, and faster time to deployment. LumenData’s approach has consistently included phased deployments with measurable success criteria, which blends well with Reltio’s modern data management platform.

We at LumenData enjoy working very closely with all of our partners, even joining them in marketing- and customer-facing meetings. We see ourselves as all one team working towards the same goals rather than the LumenData team and the partner team as separate entities. Because of that, we have comprehensive knowledge of the current innovations and trends in data management and analytics. We also have a clear understanding of the new challenges and changes that businesses today face within their industries.