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Google: Thomas Gourand, Regional Lead

We sat down with Thomas Gourand, Regional Lead at Google, to learn more about how the Google Cloud and Reltio partnership benefits customers.

1. Please tell us something about yourself?

I have been at Google for nearly 9 years in both European markets as well as in the Americas. I now lead the West Sales team for Google Cloud. Prior to Google, I held several positions: Sales manager for the information risk management business at Symantec and then as Head of the Information Management practice at HP Software in France.

2. What makes Google Cloud unique?

Google is, at the heart, a data company. Google has spent many years organizing the world’s information to be universally accessible and useful. In doing so we have built the infrastructure and technology to be able to manage data at a massive scale on the backend.

Our investment in our networking in order to serve the content of applications such as YouTube has given us a competitive advantage in the market not only from a performance standpoint but also a security standpoint to keep our customers data safe longer without going over the public internet. There are many layers to security that we are able to control with our infrastructure that make us a leader in the cloud space for Data and Security.

3. What’s new and exciting at Google Cloud?

There is a lot that is exciting at Google Cloud and the partnership with Reltio is very high on that list. The other areas that we are excited about is the industry recognizing us through the Forrester leader’s circle within the security of our cloud. This is exciting for us in the partnership with Reltio as data privacy continues to be top of mind. In addition, we are excited about democratizing AI. making machine learning available for companies like Reltio to continue to lead innovation efforts in the data management market.

Providing Reltio with a highly secure, performant and intelligent/smart cloud back-end will support Reltio’s development and will make their position in the market stronger.

4. How do you see Google Cloud and Reltio benefiting customers?

Reltio has teamed up with Google in many ways but the biggest differentiator we see in the partnership is injecting our Machine Learning capabilities in order to give Reltio a unique set of features to bring into the market. We are taking Modern Data Management to a new era with an Active Learning model. This model paired with our flagship Data Warehouse offering in BigQuery will fuel Reltio IQ to new depths.

Not only the technology stack but the network of Google and the reach it provides will unlock the power of Reltio to the rest of the Globe. With Google providing the highest and best reliability form all clouds with no downtime will position Reltio in a great way in the market.