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Infoverity: Matt Wienke, President and Founder

Welcome Matt. Please tell our readers a little about yourself.

I am the President of Infoverity, which I founded in 2011.  I’ve always been passionate about consulting as a problem-solving profession that enabled me to learn about a client’s business, ask questions, and have the freedom to investigate, observe and recommend.  I began my career doing process reengineering work and ERP work for Arthur Andersen over 20 years ago. 

My interest in enterprise information management (EIM) was sparked during my tenure at a startup I helped to launch.  This was back in 2000, and our solution built online communities for businesses to provide internet access and tailored experiences for their customers.  I saw the degree to which most companies at that time had no idea who their customers really were, and how badly they desired a more comprehensive view of them. 

I took that experience beyond the startup to help start a consulting practice in Customer Intelligence for a firm that focused on Business Intelligence, which coincided with the dawn of enterprise data quality solutions.  That firm was bought out five years later, when I left tostart an Enterprise Information Management practice for another firm.  That was in 2005, and really marks the point at which I met a number of key colleagues that I have the pleasure of working with today – we cut our teeth together on ‘analytical MDM’ on many of the early technology leaders of that time, and have continued to evolve with our business solutions and technology partners since.

What makes Infoverity unique?

You know, it’s a funny question to ask, because our leadership team resolved in a strategy meeting two years ago that to get to the bottom of this question, we had to ask our clients! Our answers were always all over the place – more what we wanted to be unique

Their answer: We’re ‘like them’.  We emphasize hiring and developing intelligent, creative, and thoughtful problem solvers that get the job done with an appropriate balance to technical/functional skills, as well as the right skills to navigate corporate cultural tides.  We are very focused on our information management domain knowledge, and are straight shooters.  I wouldn’t have assumed that was unique, but am proud to have clients compliment us that way.

On a solutions front, we’ve worked in this space long enough to establish vertical solutions that can be realized using different technologies, to our clients’ specifications.  One in particular we’ve had success with is integrating third party reference data (such as from D&B or IMS) into solutions where clients can visually see household/customer/account or legal entity hierarchies visually, and do drag-and-drop maintenance without disabling refreshes of the reference data on demand.  This is really helpful for companies that realign their salesperson/account relationships often, for credit risk aggregation, or group-purchasing agreement monitoring, for example.  We really know the business requirements, use cases, and technical pros/cons and can expedite a business solution for a client there.

What’s new and exciting at Infoverity?

We’re very excited about the potential of Reltio to deliver the front-end experience for the hierarchy management solution I described.  It’s still a gap in many MDM solutions: How do you make data stewardship something a business person can perform as a part of their job, where it’s so integral it is no longer considered something apart from their essential job function?  For someone in a Credit Risk role – let’s give them the ability to quickly and easily navigate through customer records, seeing them by their legal entity relationships, territories, lines of business portfolios, SIC classes, etc. Dynamic insight like this is possible when it is no longer dependent upon big infrastructure and a specially trained application analyst.  We’ve built these solutions out on Reltio and are excited about what it could mean to our clients.

We continue to be excited about the huge growth in our team, client base, and geographies.  We now have people in four countries – the US, Spain, Germany and Russia.  We have had a great reception to our managed services offerings, which are either hosted or on-premises administered solutions for customers. 

How do you see customers benefiting from the Infoverity and Reltio partnership?

I view Reltio much like I view my team.  The leadership team at Reltio has been in the EIM/MDM space for a very long time, helping to launch key, formative technologies since 2000.  The Infoverity team has been implementing business solutions on these technologies for just as long.  As the Web 2.0 was popularized several years ago, I believe we’re at an MDM 2.0 crossroads, where advances in MDM scalability, integration, and thin-client business rules management can enable companies to realize great time to value.  Our task at Infoverity is to bring a business solution to a client that’s as turn-key as possible.  This will eliminate a lot of risk, empower their business stakeholders, save money and drive bottom-line results, which is really how these programs are measured.