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iMiDiA: Neil Cowburn, Founder and CEO

We sat down with Neil Cowburn, Founder and CEO of iMiDiA to find out what’s new and exciting.


Please tell us a little about yourself

I am the Founder and CEO of iMiDiA, a specialized services company, founded in 2011 to assist organizations in the implementation and adoption of ‘data driven’ strategies. Today’s business challenges require an integration strategy for linking Cloud, Social and Mobile with a responsive data management program and a focus on delivering value to the business.

What makes iMiDiA unique?

iMiDiA has taken the core concepts of Enterprise Data Management and evolved it to address the demands of the modern business: reducing total cost of ownership, utilizing the people they have invested in, and driving value from the data immediately.

Emerging business trends such as increased use of unstructured data, more sophisticated end-users and the “data economy” highlights the weaknesses of a classic approach to Enterprise Data Management.  These programs often take years to achieve measurable value.  iMiDiA’s Modern Data Management approach, focuses on a strategy that provides a company the ability to quickly integrate, consume and provision data to those that care about it the most, the business user.

What’s new and exciting at iMiDiA?

One of our recent engagements was supporting a large, complex merger.  Using the ‘Modern Data Management’ approach, we were able to quickly integrate multiple business operations, provide consolidated data to core business functions, and drive immediate value from the merged companies’ data.

Our experience and best practices were recently published in a TDWI published article titled “Accelerating M&A through Modern Data Management”  More importantly our approach can be applied to any enterprise that is struggling to drive value from their data assets. The flexibility of a Modern Data Management platform allows business change to be realized quickly and in most cases in co-existence with previous technology investments.

How do you see customers benefitting from the iMiDiA and Reltio partnership?

iMiDiA’s approach coupled with Reltio’s Modern Data Management platform and data-driven applications, provides customers with agility, acceleration and realization of their business goals.  Whether it be replacing a legacy MDM solution, co-existing but adding increased capability, or innovating towards a data-driven future, our partnership has already been proven with the largest worldwide implementation of Reltio to date.

In addition we continue to contribute our experience to the evolution of the Reltio product. We are contributing to the Reltio roadmap, which makes for a truly exciting collaboration with every implementation. We encourage organizations struggling to unlock the power of their data to contact us to understand better how Modern Data Management and Reltio can deliver value quickly.