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MeritDirect: Chris Blohm Senior Vice President of Data + Media Services

We sat down with Chris, SVP of MeritDirect’s Data and Media Services to find out what’s new and exciting. 

Please tell our readers a little about yourself.

I am an SVP in MeritDirect’s Data + Media Services Division, and have been with the company since its inception in 2000. I am currently spearheading our West Coast initiative working out of our San Jose, CA office.  I typically work with one foot in the marketing area and the other in sales and have led the charge for increased use of technology inside our organization, including  adoption and implementation of Salesforce and Marketo as well as website redevelopment earlier this year. Over the past 15 years I have developed and sold data products with one simple goal in mind: to deliver high quality, actionable contacts to B2B marketers to help speed the conversion from lead to sale. 

What makes Meritdirect unique?

MeritDirect has been focused on delivering intelligent customer retention and acquisition strategies throughout our entire history.  We have been using data-driven intelligence to help our clients maximize ROI through all their marketing channels for years, so the fact that there is major emphasis in this area now makes us well positioned.  By having best-in-class data assets as well as modelling and analytics capabilities in-house, we  have both “hammers and nails” at our disposal which lead to actionable insights and measurable results.

What’s new and exciting at Meritdirect?

There is a lot going on currently with growth and acquisition, but what is most exciting for me is our build out of API capabilities with our OmniChannelBASE contact data product.  By allowing customers to interact with our data in real-time, the product development and use cases are really limitless.  If you layer on the additional value of providing access to the data via our partnership with Reltio, there is a lot to be excited about.

How do you see customers benefiting from the Meritdirect and Reltio partnership?

The availability of MeritDirect contact data through the Reltio Cloud will make custom contact acquisition and highly strategic prospecting a seamless exercise.  It makes perfect sense to have customer and prospect data accessible via the same tool, so customers should be able to quickly realize both value and benefits.