Managed Markets and Payer Management


Gain insight & improve market access & execution


Amongst a backdrop of changing regulations, industry consolidation and declining access, many life sciences companies are placing an even greater emphasis on managed markets. Many are combining managed care and customer operations into a single group responsible for contracting, pricing, distribution, account management, managed care marketing and operations, as well as company access to care programs.

While operations have been combined, field-based teams that interact with and support managed markets customers continue to need mobile, on demand access to a wide range of data. They include:

  • Field Reimbursement Managers  
  • Hospital Systems Account Teams
  • Payer Account Management Teams
  • Government Account Managers (GAMs)
  • Channel Account Managers (CAMs)
  • National Account Managers (NAMs)
  • Employer Account Managers (EAMs)

For a large company with comprehensive coverage this group can number over 500 individuals, all with varying degrees of focus and responsibilities. Traditionally each individual or group has had to rely on separate tools such as CRM, Financials and separate data warehouses and spreadsheets to pull together the information they need to effectively deliver on their goals. There hasn't been an integrated way to view data, related and relevant to their objectives through a single authoritative application ... until now. 

With Reltio Cloud you get a modern data management platform that fuels data-driven applications in support of all your managed markets and payer marketing strategies.


Reltio's managed care data-driven application brings together data from multiple internal, third-party, public and social sources to identify key influencers and to uncover relationships, not just between people and organizations, but payers, products, locations, plans, activities and transactions. Information is continuously cleansed, correlated to form a reliable data foundation for insight and action.


With data blended into one place, teams can get visibility to payer organizations with hierarchies, channels, regions, and plans and memberships. They can understand how contracting is done in payer organizations, be aware of their product's formulary status as compared to competitors products by tiers. And see clearly how plans and payers are interrelated with HCOs/HCPs. 



With a multi-team, multi-customer focus, it's critical to allow as well as secure access to a convergence of information, with the proper level of role-based access and visibility. Reltio provides built-in annotating, tagging, and voting on data, so every member who has knowledge of plans, payers, products and more, can contribute, and continuously improve tribal knowledge. 


You can rapidly deploy a Reltio data-driven application specific to your company's challenges and domain focus in weeks. Reltio's Data as a Service partnerships with third-party providers such as LexisNexis HMS, MedPro, DarkMatter2BD and others, offer you the choice of the best HCP, HCO and affiliation data in the industry.  


Reltio allows you to easily track and analyze cross correlation of product metrics, including longitudinal performance under contract. You can also identify, manage and model Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBMs) roles, services, details and associated contracts. And ultimately determine if the right resources and investments are being made for each payer, through the ability to bridge accounts to plans, define, track and ultimately measure account targets and goals to actual performance. 


With so many fingers in the data pie, you need comprehensive auditing and tracking features to guarantee compliance. Reltio provides a historical trail for any data merged or updated. Reltio's fine-grained clickstream analysis can even be used to alert you to abnormal data viewing patterns by application users for possible information breach or theft, or used for compliance and efficiency training of how to best use the applications and the data.