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Continuously increase the value of your data assets to better serve clients

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Your client's expectations are high, and customer experience is a big differentiator. Channel proliferation seen over the last few years has changed the way clients want to interact with their advisors. Web, social and mobile channels provide unprecedented choice to your clients, creating new opportunities as well as more competition.

Depending on your role, you may be responsible and experiencing any or all of the following challenges:

  • Increasing Regulatory Compliance: CCAR, FATCA and KYC/AML, and new regulations such as BCBS 239, MiFiD II and the European Payment Services Directive II 
  • Industry Consolidation: M&A and consolidation will continue as firms struggle with the costs of regulation and strive for growth in a more competitive market place
  • Improved Customer Experience: Similar to omnichannel digital transformation in retail and consumer goods, financial services firms need to improve customer experience across lines of business, mobile applications and e-commerce platforms
  • Increase Share of Wallet: Industry efforts to drive great customer penetration via personalized solution bundles
  • Improve Margins: Firms' operational cost must be reduced amidst lower margins, and increased cost of compliance

The only way to meet these challenges head on is to improve how you manage your data. This is easier said than done as IT continues to look for ways to improve efficiency and cut costs, while keeping up with business requirements.


It's a cliche, but your data is increasingly your most valuable asset, as it dictates your company's ability to respond to any and all of the challenges listed above. Locked within siloed systems, the value of your data remains limited to the role and use case of the application it is used for. When data is combined, correlated and relationships uncovered, it increases the reliability of your data, with relevant insights and recommended actions delivered to those who need the data, at the moment they need it. Continuously optimizing, and therefore increasing the value of your data naturally allows you to operate more efficiently, and builds up your company's data assets as a currency for better business execution and data monetization.


Reltio Cloud helps companies understand the complex and dynamic relationships between various data entities. Data objects include clients, accounts, family members, channels, financial assets, services and locations. Reltio’s Modern Data Management helps drive the right engagement, through the right channel, and enables companies to personalize experiences for the best positioning of financial instruments, and customer service.


Reltio Cloud Modern Data Management PaaS helps you understand your client's needs as they evaluate, compare, or decide how to invest in today’s dynamic and unpredictable market. Delivering consistent information across your internal teams, across channels and throughout the client journey is essential for a good customer experience. This is possible only when there is a continuously optimized source of truth for reliable customer data. Reltio Cloud data-driven applications provide:

  • Detailed views of clients with complete profile, interaction and transactional data converged from multiple internal and external sources
  • Accurate client segmentation based on granular attributes
  • Consistent omnichannel client experience
  • Key influencer mapping based on market segment or geography
  • Householding various individuals by uncovering relationships
  • Counter-party visibility for risk management
  • Built-in compliance with regulations, including KYC (Know Your Customer), GDPR and more
  • Built-in Mergers and Acquisitions capabilities for powerful pre-merger analysis, and accelerated post-merger integration

Reltio Cloud provides a modern platform to centralize the representation, and enables continuous collaboration and democratized access of your data assets across multiple lines of business, channels and departments.


Reltio Cloud's Modern data Management PaaS powers consumer-grade data-driven applications that are as easy to use as Facebook and LinkedIn. They bring together data from multiple internal, third-party subscriptions, public and social sources to discover relationships, not just between clients, accounts and financial assets, but locations, family members, channels and transactions.

Model many-to-many relationships between all data entities for better customer understanding and accurate segmentation. Information is continuously cleansed and correlated at massive performance and scale to form a reliable data foundation for insight and action.


With data blended into one place, marketing, account teams and client teams can get visibility into customer preferences, behaviors, trading patterns and channel choice. They can understand client’s needs and can provide personalized experiences based on the complete information. Insights like life-time-value and portfolio details can be delivered to relevant teams in the context of their job and objectives. 

Machine learning and predictive analytics can suggest next-best-actions to send relevant and consistent information to clients and find opportunities for offering new financial instruments.

Reltio is the only platform that closes the loop between relevant insight, and correlates recommended actions to actual business outcomes and ROI.



Uncover relationships using graph technology to help you solve your householding and counterparty challenges. The graph helps you group individuals into households based on their relationships and profile attributes, as well as align corporate hierarchies and subsidiaries to evaluate risk. Graph technology combined with powerful Spark analytics help you identify influencers and counterparties in your target segment and their reach. 

You can also create complete financial instrument profiles to understand the competitive landscape, and measure the success of marketing programs and offers to clients.


With a multi-team, multi-customer focus, it's critical to allow as well as secure access to a convergence of information, with the proper level of role-based access and visibility. Reltio provides built-in annotating, tagging and voting on data, so every member can contribute and continuously improve enterprise knowledge.


You can rapidly deploy a Reltio data-driven application specific to your company's challenges and domain focus in weeks. Reltio's Data as a Service partnerships with third-party providers, such as LexisNexis, Dun & Bradstreet and others, offer you the choice of the best data in the industry.



With so many fingers in the data pie, you need comprehensive auditing and tracking features to guarantee compliance. Reltio provides a historical trail for any data merged or updated. Reltio's fine-grained clickstream analysis can even be used to alert you to abnormal data viewing patterns by application users for possible information breach or theft, or used for compliance and efficiency training of how to best use the application and the data.