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MDM: A Data Management Discipline Boosted by Graph and AI Technology

July 4, 2018 5:00 pm

July 4, 2018 9:00 pm

AXA Insurance

1 Troonplein Brussel, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, 1000 Belgium

MDM: A Data Management Discipline Boosted by Graph and AI Technology

Master Data Management (MDM) is a discipline that was introduced over a decade ago as the foundation for building a sustainable data governance strategy for customer, product, asset, financial, location, and reference data in an ever-growing eco-system of business applications. Big data, predictive analytics, IoT, and machine learning algorithms have set the stage for a new way of collecting, analyzing and deriving past insights into prediction models. MDM delivers the globally unique, self-explanatory representation of an enterprise’s customers, products, and other foundational entities. With that, it has enabled the non-ambiguous interpretation of transactional data, events, and social observations – such as sales transactions, call center tickets, and twitter feeds – by blending such volatile data with highly reliable enriched and standardized references to drive appropriate decisions.



Matt Gagan,

Senior Solution Consultant,


Date: Wednesday, July 4

Like graphs that power the most popular consumer data-driven applications, such as LinkedIn (Economic Graph), Google (Knowledge Graph) and Facebook (Social Graph), the Reltio Self-Learning Graph™ powers a new generation of data-driven applications for the enterprise. Reltio uses a multi-model approach consisting of a columnar and graph hybrid store, and enterprise search, architected for today’s agile enterprise. Unlike off-the-shelf graph databases, Reltio self-learning graph is infinitely scalable, handling master data management (MDM) and big data volumes with ease.

Matt will showcase how Reltio harnesses graph and AI to deliver value to Reltio customers, while meeting their needs for scalability and availability in operational and analytical use cases.