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Reltio to Present at PMSA Annual Conference, Las Vegas

Reltio has been selected by the PMSA Committee to present "Utilizing Graph Databases to Power Data-Driven Applications and Analytics" at the annual PMSA conference April 17-20 in Las Vegas


Graph databases are used in some of the most popular consumer data-driven applications today such as LinkedIn, Facebook and even Google. The power of graph allows real-world relationships to be modeled, with applicability in both R&D and Commercial operations. 

Reltio will provide an educational look at how graphs are being used and contrasts it with traditional databases, analytics, while providing a glimpse at the future of data management and applications in life sciences.

The use of graphs in life sciences allows sales and marketing teams to gauge the ultimate influence of physicians among their peers and their affiliations with hospitals and other institutions. Through this they can select those that play an important role in determining which drug or device receives approval or preferential placement among competitors in a healthcare organization.

Another life sciences scenario involves the use of graph technology in an application to support the allocation of training of outward-focused sales and account teams to comply with federal healthcare programs and FDA requirements. Such an application not only yielded significant savings and improved productivity by proactively identifying which employees did not have to take training, but also boosted morale while producing the right reports for government agencies to meet regulatory requirements.

The life-sciences industry is leading the adoption of graph technology and data-driven applications for a variety of scenarios, such as sharing data stored in graphs seamlessly across groups, uncovering and storing relationships across a wide variety of data sets.


Ramon Chen, CMO, Reltio

Ramon Chen is responsible for worldwide marketing and product management at Reltio. Prior to Reltio, he was VP of Product Marketing for Commercial, which encompassed Veeva CRM, Veeva Approved Email, Veeva Vault and Veeva Network at Veeva Systems. He has over 25 years of experience running marketing and product management teams at RainStor, Siperian, GoldenGate Software, MetaTV, Evolve Software, Sterling Software and Synon Inc. He holds a BS in Computer Science from Essex University.

Ajay Khanna, VP Product Marketing

Ajay is responsible for product marketing at Reltio. Prior to Reltio he held senior roles at Veeva Systems in product marketing for Veeva Commercial Cloud, and overall demand generation operations. He was previously at Oracle, leading global product marketing for the Oracle BPM Suite. His deep product marketing and product management expertise stems from other leadership roles at large public enterprise software companies including KANA, Progress, and Amdocs. He holds an MBA in marketing and finance from Santa Clara University.