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Reltio to present at MDM Europe Summit 2015

  • Raddison Hotel 22 Portman Square London, England, W1H 7BG United Kingdom (map)

How has MDM advanced over the last 10 years? Today users demand access to big data and data-driven applications to get the complete picture and they want faster time to value. We examine how technology has evolved to support agile business needs and ask if MDM itself has turned into the very silo it was designed to circumvent. Please join us at the workshop and case study presentation.

MDM Comes of Age with Big Data & Data-driven Applications

May 18th, 2015 14:00-17:15 - Afternoon Half Day Workshop
Ramon Chen, VP Marketing, Reltio

We are in the era of Big Data wherein technologies can now support a wide variety of data at seemingly infinite data volumes at real-time velocity.  Yet MDM tools and technologies remain relatively unchanged in the 10 years since companies began deploying such solutions.  Some might say that MDM itself has turned into the very silo it was designed to circumvent.  Granted, certain solution providers now offer MDM in the cloud to enable smaller companies to benefit from MDM at a much lower ongoing cost, but for most enterprises that isn’t enough to meet increasing business demands.  

Today’s end-users want access to a complete view – not just of customers or products – but rather a blended view of all master data entities plus transaction, interaction and social data. And they want their information delivered in the form of LinkedIn/Facebook style data-driven applications.  They also want faster time-to-value and expect a new breed of enterprise data-driven applications that include reliable data, relevant insights and recommended actions. 

In this workshop, one of the pioneers in the next-generation of MDM solutions will share best practices, case studies and technology considerations by discussing these topics and more:

  • Leveraging enterprise multichannel data to enable ‘inside-out’ client view via MDM
  • Understanding the business value of Big Data, NoSQL vs. RDBMS vs. Data Warehouse, Hadoop (HDFS & MapReduce)
  • Establishing the business case for MDM & real-time data-driven applications (a case study)

Leveraging MDM for M&A - The "Ultimate" Master Data Challenge

May 19th, 2015 15:25-16:10 - MDM of Customer Track
Ramon Chen, VP Marketing, Reltio

Mega-mergers are on the rise with ongoing corporate consolidation occurring across every industry as companies look to bring together their businesses to lower costs and thrive from synergies to continue to grow.  Clearly, master data is a critical component of every such merger.  Overlap between customers, products, processes and each siloed system that manages information holds the key to how cost effective the merger will ultimately be. Yet it has been virtually impossible to bring together such a wide variety of information from across the merging companies because of the time it traditionally takes to get to that MDM “single version of the truth”. Adding to the complexity is the fact that neither company can view the blended data until after the merger, yet they and their auditors must respond to government requests demanding divestitures (of customers, of product lines, etc.) in order to consummate the merger. This case study will show how a new breed of data-driven MDM can help solve the “Ultimate” master data challenge by discussing:

  • Agglomerating M&A data together from the merging parties into a single Cloud environment to rapid deploy Big Data analytics
  • Creating a pre-merger information model that clearly shows synergies between merging parties while providing post-merger foundation for consolidation & business growth
  • Masterminding data-driven applications to simultaneously support downstream needs of hundreds of legacy applications across hundreds of operating divisions/business units