Forrester Data Technology Pathfinder - NOVEMBER 2017

Why Read This Report

The variety, velocity, and volume of data continue to explode. Business stakeholders want direct access to diverse data. Firms now set policies and assume the risk of data management and usage. In light of this, enterprise architecture (EA) pros need to modernize their firms’ data management environments. To do so, they must intertwine business strategy and data strategy through shared goals. This report outlines the varied and complex data management landscape and what to expect as data technology and solutions evolve.

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Table of Contents

Key Takeaways

Design Data Architecture From The Outside In
The building blocks of an organization’s data architecture landscape must be flexible enough for a variety of information channels and data needs. Don’t think of your architecture as a central hub that controls data and process. Rather, picture business spokes guiding data capabilities that source from a pool of data.

Data Capabilities Can Unify The Front Office And Back Office
Bottling up analysis and delivering it in a report for business decision-makers is old thinking. Business execs need insights on demand. The data architecture landscape must compress or eliminate the wall between analysis and operations to speed up the business actions and decisions that depend on data. 

Understand Your Organization's Data Profile
Put Business First
Technology Options