Delivered by Reltio


The Delivered by Reltio program offers data provider partners the ability to increase the number of data monetization channels. Allowing them to license and deploy their data directly into data-driven applications and solutions leveraging Reltio Cloud.


Your data can be made accessible to thousands of end-business users through data-driven applications. Significantly reducing the friction and IT effort need to onboard and keep the data current. 


With built-in Data as a Service (DaaS), business users can have your data at their fingertips on-the-go. Through any device that supports a browser, Android, iPhones, tablets and more, they will be able to consume your latest data offerings.

Feedback, when you need it

Through social collaboration, business users can dynamically update data while out in the field. If agreed, you can choose to receive feedback and updates. Reltio Cloud provides a full audit history with attribute level revisions showing what elements have been updated. The most up-to-date information passed back to you benefits all your other customers, further accentuating your market leadership.


Delivered through a multi-tenant cloud, and Data as a Service, your data will reach more users faster than ever before. By keeping data up-to-date without burdening IT you will increase customer satisfaction, and license more data.


Together with your data, you can easily offer a full range of data stewarding services, providing your customers with a concierge-level solution, that takes care of all of their needs.


Reltio Cloud and the Modern Data Management Platform as a Service (PaaS) uses the most innovative technologies on the market today, such as Apache Cassandra, Spark, Elastic search, mobile deployment, with data stored in an infinitely extensible Commercial Graph similar to ones that power LinkedIn and Facebook applications. You are shielded from having to be experts in these technologies. Whether it's Hadoop, cognitive analytics, IoT, or the next big thing, your data will be amplified to the max as part of these solutions.