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Reliable Data Combined With Multi-Dimensional Insight

The below 7-minute executive-level introduction video highlights how Reltio’s data-driven solution provide’s value for oil and gas customers. 

The example data-driven application use case in this specific video is intended for a Well Operations user – however the Reltio platform is able to handle a wide range of additional business functions.  The same concept/approach would be used for other functions such as Data Quality, Data Alignment/Enrichment, AFE, PRA, Land, Asset/Equipment, HSE, Joint Ventures, M&A, Capital Planning, Advanced & Predictive Analytics, Subsurface Data Analysis, Midstream Pipeline Operations, etc. 

In summary, I trust this video will provide you a better idea of how Reltio has shattered the traditional approach to information management – offering a new breed of capability and value for O&G operations.  


Note: Please allow the video to load for a few minutes due to its large file size.


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