What problem does MDM technology solve?

It solves the problem created by data that is siloed across multiple applications and systems such as marketing, sales, customer service, mobile apps, web apps, compliance reports, and analytical apps. The result is no single source of truth of reliable customer data, or product data, or supplier data for example.

The impact of these data silos is: 

  • Data remains dirty with millions of duplicates and inaccuracies like bad addresses, phones – not just about the customers but about employees, and suppliers. The product data itself is old and leads to poor order processing
  • Departments work with their own version of the data, with their disconnected applications and create more silos
  • Business decision-makers are not getting the information they need
  • IT finds it harder to deliver to business in a timely manner
  • It is harder to connect with external data, technologies, and people in an increasingly regulated environment
Silos Of Data Across Systems