What is the “Evolution of MDM”?

Malcolm Hawker is the Senior Director Analyst at Gartner who focuses on Data and Analytics. He leads the Master Data Management team including Simon Walker and Sally Parker. Malcolm recently authored a blog titled, “The Evolution of MDM” where he wrote,

“MDM platforms are embracing a broader set of technologies around matching and data governance that are increasingly blurring the lines that distinguish MDM software from other platforms –  especially CDP’s. If entity resolution, hierarchy/relationship management, and the generation of gold master records are the ‘foundation’ of the MDM house, then it’s a foundation that is increasingly shared with other technologies.

This raises interesting questions about the nature of the MDM market – including the potential convergence of MDM platforms with other platforms and increasing competitive pressure on MDM vendors.

Thanks to the push to the cloud, these convergences could even extend outside the software world and into areas such as master or reference data as a service.”