What are the new requirements for customer data that powers transformations?

What Global 2000 companies need now is a responsive data management platform that delivers connected customer 360 profiles to power their transformations. Their goal is to manage billions of holistic up-to-date, and actionable customer profiles to power real-time operations at scale with 24/7 support out of the box. It starts with a single view of the customer (SVOC), but that’s only the beginning.

Connected Customer 360 Profiles are enriched with 1000s of attributes including:

  • Relationships among B2C and B2B customers, between customers and employees (eg. store associates, brokers, agents, reps, CSMs, etc), products and locations
  • Omnichannel Transactions and Interactions including functions, channels brands and geographies
  • Actionable Insights from Data Science and Analytics including preferences, behavior and intent
  • Consent & Communication Preferences by brand, channel or topic of interest

Connected Customer 360 Profiles are managed in a highly secure and compliant cloud-native SaaS data platform with disruption free upgrades. A Customer Success Manager (CSM) works with you to achieve business value milestones.