What are some master data management benefits?

Many companies gain tremendous business value by taking in all their data into a master data management platform to create a "master" record. MDM also enables the flexibility of consuming applications to get data curated to their needs based on a set of rules.

Match & Merge
What: Add and edit match and merge rules on the fly
Why: To reduce the number of duplicate records into a condensed set.

Match Before Create as a Service
What: The ability to check MDM system through the user interface of any application before creating a new person, organization, product, location, asset or supplier.
Why: To help pushed centralized data as far upstream as possible and prefill leads with as much accurate data as possible.

Golden Views
What: Use a single source of truth to power operations and analytics for better business outcomes through APIs.
Why: Avoid losing data. Segment data based on source and use. Pull and return data based on operational need.

Search by Default
What: Indexing is automatic
Why: Enables search on any data attribute with speed. This cuts down response time with improved results.

Cloud Architecture and Scaling
What: Scale to meet the needs of 1000s of employees and systems for peak times (for example, meeting customer demand during holidays, the launch of a new ad campaign or promotion, or new product launch). It also supports the real-time operational needs and an API approach to power the systems that support digital and human interactions.

Model/Rule-Based Source Control
What: Change your data model for MDM storage and exposure on the fly
Why: Provides a standard for the team to align around, allows rollback to previous version, and came make changes without customer impact