How does Reltio Connected Customer 360 deliver business agility?

It allows them to quickly build and launch new digital experiences powered by Connected Customer 360 profiles.  It empowers them to be more responsive to the needs of your business stakeholders.

Because it’s a SaaS responsive data management platform, it’s available on day one and you can go live with production very quickly. Reltio provides three releases a year, and all these are updated automatically with no disruptions.  All customers are always on the latest release.  It allows you to quickly onboard new data sources - if you are buying a new third-party data or you are connecting to a new system.  If you have to add a new attribute, if you have a change an attribute, or if you have to remove an attribute for customer profiles, you can do that with enabled secure access and without downtime.

Deliver Value Fast

  • Accelerate time-to-value, lower TCO, upgrade without disruption
  • Quickly onboard new data sources to enrich Connected Customer 360 Profiles with preferences and sentiments while respecting compliance requirements across channels
  • Add, change, or remove customer profile attributes without downtime
  • Empower app developers to quickly build and launch new digital experiences fueled by Connected Customer 360 Profiles