Reltio for Compliance, Chief Compliance Officers (CCO), Governance Directors

Enforce data governance & meet regulatory requirements automatically


It's not easy being a Compliance Professional! There are constant evolving changes in global data privacy and compliance laws such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and the impact of . Coupled with fine-grained rules in regulated industries such as life sciences, accuracy in regulatory reporting of transactions such as those for open paymentsEFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations), sample compliance and adherence with corporate integrity agreements (CIA) are a must.

Your responsibilies go beyond the fines that can be levied on your company, not to mention the thousands of hours lost due to mandated training, and data management to generate complex reports. Beyond these financial challenges, you also have to be concerned about brand reputation, and the security and privacy of your customers, while keeping all of your IT and business teams in coordinated and adhering to standards. We feel your pain!

Reltio data-driven applications keep data safe and secure from an infrastructure and data management perspective, while also providing configurable options that track, audit and report on every click, view, update and merge of data across every source. Reltio has fine-grained, attribute-level tracking for every record stored. With full point-in-time query of information, and the ability to restore and revert values back to it's original form, Reltio goes beyond any regulatory requirement dictated today.

Rather than just meeting compliance needs, Reltio's Modern Data Management Platform as a Service (PaaS) allows dynamic analysis of the data, with machine learning revealing relationships and opportunities that can proactively reduce violations, and also help you improve your customer engagement and satisfaction levels. Taking mandated compliance and turning it into an opportunity to personalize, delight and exceed customer expectations.

Some unique capabilities for Data Stewardship and Governance include:

Business Data Stewardship

Comprehensive, configurable DQ and governance built-in

Used by companies across multiple industries with stringent data security and privacy needs (e.g. healthcare & life sciences sector with HIPAA), Reltio customers are able to remediate data, and easily create cases for review.

Built-in and Customizable Workflow

Data Change Requests (DCR) initiated by frontline business users on mobile devices are entered, prioritized and queued for review in real-time through data-driven apps, integrated with the platform or through their existing CRM app that they know and love. Users can also initiate potential matches on entities for a review process.

IT and business teams on the same page
Everyone uses the same browser-based interface, operating on the same consistent pool of data (no need for separate staging/landing copies that may get out of sync), and granular role based functionality and data access controls. This supports ad-hoc collaboration across teams and structured processes through built-in workflow OOTB which can be configured using a supplied visual workflow tool.

Easy collaboration and communication
No additional tools are needed, Reltio comes OOTB with a choice of work templates for task distribution (e.g. round robin, get next task, allocation by specific record attribute/criteria) managed through a personal task inbox. IT, stewards and users can collaborate by commenting against individual attributes, with Google Docs style "" mentions that trigger emails delivering comments and links to bring collaborators directly into a review process. Assignment and reassignment is a simple one-click select of next reviewer.

Involving business end-users early and continuously
One of the most unique features of Reltio is rapid and immediate access to the information in context delivered to business users through data-driven apps. This allows for immediate feedback, and business domain support for continuous real-time curation of the data across the enterprise. Users can not only be given the opportunity to correct hard facts, but can vote (yelp or facebook-style) on soft facts such as relationships and affiliations.

Productivity Monitoring.png

Full audit and metrication with dashboards and logs
Dashboards provide statistics of tasks assigned, and a full audit logs, searchable across any combination of criteria, shows work completed, allowing for easy use of gamification (leaderboards), and ongoing training.

Productivity Monitoring

Data management is a continuous and collaborative process, with limited resources and always more work than people available. Reltio offers ongoing monitoring of governance and curation efforts. The data gathered helps inform an enterprise which areas can be improved, and can even offer gamification options to make a tedious but necessary job fun and motivating.

Mobile Support

Reltio comes with a mobile device-responsive interface that works on any device including your smartphone, supporting customer-facing teams on the field and closed-loop feedback from field on data quality and data change requests.

Full Tracking and Traceability

History and Lineage.png

Through Reltio, everyone in the enterprise, depending on their role and authority, is able to see the status of requests, compare changes made at any point in time, and the complete authorization, workflow and approval chain that drove that request. As an added bonus, being able to compare changes at an attribute-level between any point-in-time is the ultimate goal.

Governance, Industry Support

Configurable industry data and process models
Reltio comes with logical metadata-driven industry data models and other solution accelerators:
Life sciences, Healthcare, Retail, Oil & Gas, Media & Entertainment, Food Distribution and more

Business process and application models include:
Key account management, M&A, Data monetization, Supplier/vendor management, Compliance enforcement, reporting and more. New industries and business use cases are continuously being developed for customers by Reltio and our growing number of SI/Solution partners through easy extension and configuration.