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We drank from the data firehose for five days!

At the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2019, Orlando, FL.

Nalini Mohan, Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager, Reltio

Data is the stuff the Universe itself is made of, where information organizing itself into intelligence manifests as matter. Well, as is the macrocosm so is the microcosm and it was evident at this week’s Gartner Data and Analytics Summit 2019 at Orlando, FL.

The Reltio team that went to attend the summit came back with a data halo behind our heads. Five days of sessions were happening simultaneously as multiple tracks for Data Management, Analytics, BI, Database Management, Machine Learning & AI provided the participants with a rich buffet of information on the market trends, products and best practices and the exhibits where all this information and knowledge coalesced into matter as vendor booths that rolled out a 3-day spread of products and their demos.

“Lead with purpose to achieve clarity in a world of ambiguity” was the central message of the opening keynote by a team of Gartner’s senior analysts led by Michael Moran. It was interesting and made sense that the keynote would focus on the need to be experimental with data-driven decisions and insist that companies follow the dictum thatPrinciples Lead and Rules Follow”, underlining the need for ethical data use by organizations.

The Reltio-HP joint session sizzled as Chad McCord of HP and Reltio’s Ajay Khanna spoke on Building a Digital Enterprise with the Reltio MDM as its foundation.

How I wish there were Digital Twins or Digital Triplets, or even Quadruplets of me!  This way each one of us could attend a different, equally awesome, competing sessions happening simultaneously.  

My moment of pride was from the Magic Quadrant Power session for Data Management where Gartner’s Michael Moran pointed to his comparison bar chart of MDM vendors in the market and their Cloud-to-Premises offering ratio, where he pointed to the Reltio bar that said 100% cloud and said that Reltio leads the Cloud market and will continue to for sometime.  Reltio is a cloud-native modern master data management platform built on big data architecture and supported on multiple public clouds.

Reltio was a Platinum sponsor at the event. The Reltio booth and the continuous demos we made had visitors, prospects and current customers streaming in constantly each day. There were a lot of discussion about Modern Master Data Management and how technologies such as graph and machine learning are paving the way for the next generation of MDM platforms. In the digital economy enterprises are looking for solutions that can help them deliver  personalized customer experiences while also meeting with compliance needs such as GDPR. We had several such discussions with the attendees who have data-driven digital transformation initiatives in progress. The connections made and the conversations held were rich and meaningful for Reltio.

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