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Does Master Data Management Still Require Going to University?

It’s been 10+ years since Siperian Hub (now Informatica MDM) burst onto the scene as a Master Data Management Platform.

Back then it was a complex process to master your data management, there were so many nuances,  knobs, and dials to tweak, settings and controls. From creating a data model, to setting up cleanse lists, moving data between landing and staging, setting up delta detection, configuring exact and fuzzy match, establishing trust rules, understanding how to merge, unmerge, what to do when you have to tree unmerge, how to use the API framework to get data out and to add data into the hub and more.

Here we are in 2015 and things appear to have gotten even more complex. For example, by my calculations from the aggregation of Master Data Management (non-PIM) course listings at Informatica University (scroll down to the bottom), you need to spend about 13 working days in total to get a baseline on Informatica MDM.

A glance at the details of the Configuring Informatica Multidomain Edition curriculum, which takes 4 days, even has a pre-requisite assumption that you already know networking technology, server machines, and database concepts and technology.

That is a lot of time to spend learning how to master your data. Even more time will inevitably be invested on complex ongoing administration to meet changing needs. You could be spending that valuable time mastering your business.