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Have you discovered the best kept secret to winning in the experience economy yet?

Do you know the greatest and enduring secret to winning in the experience economy? The secret that some of the leading brands already know and exploit to the fullest? It is providing the connected customer experience(CX). Enterprises are no longer competing on products and consumers or business buyers are willing to pay more for the experience.

But how do you deliver connected and consistent omnichannel customer experiences? The exceptional customer experiences require strong foundation of connected customer data which can keep up with rapidly evolving customer and business needs . Enterprises must bring all customer data from internal, external, and third-party data sources together to create consolidated customer profiles; correlate those with the historical omnichannel interactions and transactions, uncover relationships across customers, products, organizations, and places; and make all this data available for critical decisions and  engagement throughout the customer journey . To achieve this, it is important for organizations to have a holistic data strategy across the organization for their operational, analytical, and compliance needs.  With new privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, it is critical that your customer data strategy addresses these emerging regulatory compliance needs.

Crack the secret code to hyper-personalized customer experience with connected Customer 360 profiles

Reltio Cloud provides the connected customer data foundation prerequisite to win in the experience economy. Reltio, is the industry’s leading provider of modern master data management (MDM) for customer 360. It is an agile, scalable, and smart SaaS platform built on a cloud-native, big data architecture with graph technology and machine learning.Trusted by Global 2000 enterprises to unify, organize and share connected customer 360 profiles across a vast and growing variety of omnichannel data sources and cloud environments.

Reltio Cloud 2019.3 now extends its bi-directional and automated data connectivity to include Google BigQuery, Snowflake and Azure data sources, while enhancing Salesforce and D&B connectors, making it easier to create richer and connected customer 360 profiles. Enterprises will benefit from simplified sharing of customer information, resulting in better productivity, compliance, and more informed customer engagement.

According to the Gartner Report, MDM Is Critical to Maximizing CRM and Customer Experience, December 12, 2018, “The ‘single’ or ‘360-degree’ view of the customer requires combining all the operational master data pertaining to the customer—and often also to the product and service—from all data silos where it currently resides. Only by doing so can data and analytics leaders enable improved customer engagement across all customer-facing channels, including marketing, sales, customer service and digital commerce.”

Build a connected customer data foundation

Reltio Cloud provides a connected customer data foundation driven by plug-and-play connectors that support business requirements to rapidly include new sources used for real-time operations, analytics, machine learning and more. 

  • Google BigQuery Connector synchronizes customer 360 data organized in Reltio with Google BigQuery so business users can take advantage of tools such as Google Data Studio.
  • Snowflake Connector synchronizes customer 360 data with a Snowflake data warehouse. Users can easily map the Reltio data to Snowflake tables and define triggered or fixed extraction schedules.
  • Expanded Azure Integration enables data onboarding and extraction into Azure storage through Reltio Cloud’s native Data Loader and Export tools.
  • Salesforce Connector as a managed package will be made available for download on AppExchange. It allows bi-directional synchronization and Search Before Create (SBC), which facilitates easier upgrades, conflict-free installs, and a standardized approach to connectivity.
  • D&B Connector has been upgraded to support D&B Direct+ APIs, in addition to Direct 2.0 APIs. Automated integration to Dun & Bradstreet data,comprising of more than 30,000 global sources and updated 5 million times per day, allows organizations to enrich and validate profiles in real-time.

Reltio Cloud’s new advanced connectivity options in 2019.3, and many other productivity enhancements are built to ensure that business users can make informed decisions and intelligently engage with customers every time, elevating the customer experience to the next level. Enterprises as yours can improve operational efficiency with quick time-to-insights built on a secure, connected customer data foundation. Reltio Cloud 2019.3 also comes with many other enhancements in areas such as advanced Machine Learning based matching, data loader, data modeler, workflow inbox, Reference Data Management (RDM) and more.

Want to know “How Shiseido is Driving Personalized Customer Experiences at a Global Scale While Respecting Customer Privacy.”Reltio is the Platinum sponsor of MDM & Data Governance Summit, held in New York from Nov 3rd to 5th. Come and join Omer Iqbal, SVP of Global Architecture, Digital Center of Excellence at Shisedio and Jakki Geiger, CMO Reltio Keynote discussion on this topic.

Swati Sinha
Sr. Director, Product Marketing