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Master Data Management: Perspective 2018

From the Desk of Manish Sood, CEO, Reltio Inc.

The MDM market and landscape has gone through multiple changes over the last 10+ years.

As we near the end of 2018, I’d like to thank our customers and partners that have been on the forefront of this revolution:

  1. Reltio’s rapid growth, as evidenced by our transparent publication of our audited revenues via the Inc 5000 & Deloitte awards marks us as one of the fastest growing private companies in the world, and the only MDM vendor on either list.
  2. Our unique Google-like search and LinkedIn-like filtering capabilities for business users further differentiates us from other MDM vendors.
  3. As the only native Cloud MDM vendor our customers and partners reap the benefits of innovation and rapid availability of new functionality for years to come.

Reltio is a 100% customer and partner first company, and we pride ourselves on our transparency and focus to constantly do better. Due to our rapid growth we have received feedback that we need to continue to improve our product capabilities, as well as our interactions with the goal of eliminating friction between us and our customers.

Throughout 2018, we have responded to feedback to improve customer satisfaction. Notably we launched a three prong effort:

    1. Reprioritized engineering resources
      We tasked 95 developers and quality assurance employees to burn down customer problems faster than before, and the team has recommitted to product quality with more robust quality processes.
    2. Increased technical customer support and visibility
      We increased our investment in Customer Support so that we can respond more quickly to issues immediately after they arise. Shortly we will implement a new solution that promises to improve customer support ticket visibility.
    3. Improved direct customer communications
      We continue to conduct quarterly business reviews with customers, and have expanded the scope of these reviews to include additional Reltio executives to surface areas where we can be a better partner.

What are the results of these new initiatives?

I am happy to report early progress in customer satisfaction. In November 2018, we surveyed our customers and 95% stated that they would recommend Reltio to other companies while 100% surveyed stated they intend to renew their Reltio subscriptions. We are not finished, but our re-commitment to customer delight is already yielding dividends.


I’m happy to see Reltio’s stellar growth and the recognition we’ve received over the course of 2018. A quote from a October 2018 Bloor report appropriately encapsulates our efforts to align with our customer’s vision and goals

“Three years ago we wrote that Reltio was several steps ahead of the market. Based on our latest assessment of their execution metrics related to product, technical and business innovation, and the growing adoption by some of the largest enterprises in the world, the gap may have even widened.”

Bloor Report

Once again, to our customers and partners, thank you for a wonderful 2018. We look forward to working even more closely with you in 2019. For those who are new to Reltio, please give us a call. We will assist you anyway we can to help clarify options and best practices about MDM, your Customer 360 project, or your enterprise digital transformation initiative.

Warm Regards,

Manish Sood, CEO, Reltio Inc.

What’s your Data Confidence Number?

Nalini Mohan, Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager, Reltio

Can you put a number to the level of confidence and trust you have in your enterprise data and analytics? Can you take that number and make powerful decisions that can transform your enterprise? According to a study by KPMG and Forrester Research, “60 percent of organizations say they are not very confident in their data and analytics insights” and “only 10 percent believe they excel in managing the quality of data and analytics”. [1]

Reltio’s latest release offers a breakthrough data confidence capability to cross this chasm of trust for enterprises that use Reltio Cloud for their analytics and operations. Reltio Data Quality Confidence Indicators are continuously calculated for all profiles in Reltio Cloud and presented to the user as actionable metrics. For the first time ever, business users have a consistent way of quantifying data quality for reliability and business value.

Data organized in Reltio Cloud is now the only data available to business users with a confidence indicator. Enterprises need quantitative metrics to gauge data quality. Reltio is the first to bring those to market, along with updates for scalability, connectivity, security and more, offering significant opportunities for many data-driven business initiatives. Reltio’s new data quality and ranking capability is also valuable for data stewards since it automatically prioritizes work by identifying data that is high in business value but low in quality. Data stewards can now focus their time and efforts for the greatest business impact, increasing productivity, aligned to business value.

Have you Reltio-d your data today?

It is an increasing imperative for enterprises to think about trusted analytics as a strategic way to bridge the gap between decision-makers, data scientists and customers to deliver sustainable business results. Reltio customers and users understand that it is important to “Reltio” their data before trusting it enough for customer 360 views, analytics, and machine learning, and for meeting data privacy and compliance regulations.” Reltio’s new data quality and ranking capability is also valuable for data stewards since it automatically prioritizes work by identifying data that is high in business value but low in quality. Data stewards can now focus their time and efforts for the greatest business impact, increasing productivity, aligned to business value.

  • Data Quality Indicators – A machine learning-based Data Quality IQ (DQIQ) score grades the quality of data in each profile, and a Reltio Rank highlights the importance and relevance of a profile compared to other profiles. Metrics are continuously updated and persisted as profile attributes, making them searchable and segmentable. DQIQ is being progressively rolled out to customers.
  • Customizable IQ Scores – Together with Reltio’s system-generated DQIQ score, customers can also leverage Reltio IQ, a separately licensed module, to customize their own DQIQ variants, and to create an unlimited number of IQ scores and attributes. Examples include Churn IQ, Upsell IQ, and Compliance IQ.
  • Relevance-Based Matching – Reltio Cloud also added a relevance-based match rule allowing users to define a match rule and associate an action to be performed based on the relevance score of the match pair for continued data quality improvement.

The latest release (Reltio 2018.3) from Reltio builds upon its speed-to-value by making it even easier for business users and data stewards to onboard data through self-service. Reltio Data Loader allows any user, with the appropriate authority, to load unlimited volumes of data through an intuitive UI. Users can visually map, transform and load any amount of data, as well as monitor progress without having to write code. Organizations can now match external files against existing records in the tenant using smart matching, delivering instant actionable results.

With over 85 million real-time API calls a day and 4 billion profiles continuously being organized, Reltio continues to invest in platform performance. Upgraded services preemptively take action to handle spikes during extreme traffic loads. They also continuously monitor data to detect anomalies across distributed repositories, and will initiate self-healing actions autonomously. Fine-Grained Role Management , Flexible Data Privacy and Protection and Continuous Compliance enhance the very powerful feature sets offered in this release.

Visit the Reltio booth at the Modern Data Management Summit 2019 and test drive Reltio 2018.3 and its breakthrough Data Confidence features.

[1] Building Trust in Analytics