Evolve from Legacy MDM

Today, organizations are considering newer approaches in data management to understand their customers better. Evolving from your legacy MDM to Modern Data Management helps lines of business and IT teams be right faster by providing reliable data, relevant insights and intelligent recommended actions. Lines of business gets immediate value in the form of data-driven applications built on the foundation of a Commercial Graph. Modern Data Management not only helps manage the master data, but also brings in omnichannel transactions and interactions at a big data scale to create 360° views of everything. While rethinking your MDM platform and strategy, consider the following:

  • Rapid Time to Business Value: How fast can IT connect to all data sources to create a reliable data foundation? How fast can you add new attributes or onboard new data sources? How fast can you connect to third-party data providers to enrich your data? And ultimately, how how fast can lines of business get data-driven applications, and solve problems unmet by traditional applications?
  • Empowering Lines of Business: Can lines of business get consumer grade, Facebook and LinkedIn-style, data-driven applications quickly? Can they collaborate with each other to make informed decisions or improve data quality? 
  • Easy and Intelligent Recommended Actions: How easy is it to provision master data AND omnichannel transactions and interactions to your advanced analytics platforms, and bring insights back to operational and data-driven applications? How easy is it to maintain the shared data models between MDM and analytics?
  • Big Data Scalability: Is your data platform a multi-tenant platform as a service with big data scalability and high availability for your enterprise-class applications? Can you blend transactions and interactions with master data for a complete view? Does your data platform provide the elasticity to help you evolve with confidence, at the speed of your business? Are you worried about over- or under-investment?

With Reltio Cloud, business users get a new breed of enterprise data-driven applications, combining both operational and analytical capabilities for a true 360° view of everything, including many-to-many relationships across people, products, places, organizations and activities.

Go beyond your imagination of what MDM is and evolve to Modern Data Management. We have a guide to help you get there. Click here to get your copy today.

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