Go Beyond Universal Master Data Management

Theorists claim over 10 billion years ago, a massive blast allowed all the universe's known matter and energy to spread out and expand. And that all of this came from a single primordial atom. From this single source the universe formed and continues to grow. Much in the same way our data universe is expanding exponentially, our own big bang is occurring with big data volumes exploding.

How do we go about reconciling, managing and bringing back together data across so many sources containing different types of data? This is much bigger than just "universal" master data management (MDM). Bigger than just big data initiatives with NoSQL and Hadoop data stores. More integrated than standalone analytics projects.

Find out how data-driven applications are reversing the big bang theory by giving frontline business users LinkedIn-style apps in weeks, with full MDM, big data transactions, analytics and machine learning built-in.

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