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Managing the Highs & Lows. Reliable Data & Recommended Actions Conveyed in a Simple Card Game

Earlier in the year I published a post titled “Don’t Gamble with Your Data. How to Stack the Cards in Your Favor.

The premise was a simple one, just like playing blackjack without reliable data, your business decisions are a gamble, regardless of the analytics and visualization tools you’ve invested in. Most applications and data warehouses end up operating on inaccurate data. BI and analytic tools still require you to sift through mounds of irrelevant data to find what you need. And process-driven apps like CRM, don’t encapsulate the best practices or offer recommended actions of what to do given even the most common scenarios.

The concept resonated, especially at a conference in Las Vegas where we handed out custom 52 card decks and engaged attendees with a game in which if they drew out the card they guessed the won an Apple Watch. Given the odds, we were shocked that we had 2 winners in a row! See “Random thoughts, Predictive Analytics and Apple Watches

Given the popularity of the competition we decided to go digital and the talented Engineering team put together the game below and found at reltio.com/highlow

The game became yet another popular hit at tradeshows. The premise is simple, guess if the next card will be higher or lower than the current face card. Keep going until you get it wrong. The game keeps track of the cards that have been dealt out, and a click of the “recommended action” link suggests, based on history and statistical probability whether the next card will be higher or lower.

We featured the game on iPads at our booth, and gave out the URL https://www.reltio.com/highlow so that anyone could play on their mobile phones. The competition was so intense that two attendees continued to play through the weekend after the conference, sending us emails as they bested each others’ scores. In the end the winning number of consecutive guesses was 23. The all-time high is currently at 32!

The game … and we’d like to think our actual Reltio Cloud product was so popular that we were trending according to the Zignals monitors at the event.

We were told by attendees who came by the booth that it was refreshing to get an explanation about a complex topic like data management through a simple interactive game. Easy to understand, easy to use, with all the smarts and complexity taken care of by the platform. Keeping it simple is the best way to get your message across.

What do you think of our https://www.reltio.com/highlow game? Can you beat 32 in a row? Feel free to share some of the marketing ideas you’ve seen to explain complex technology concepts.