Hello I'm Your Big Data and I Need a Shrink

There are many arguments as to why NoSQL vs. Relational. One point-of-view revolves around scalability and compression. At Reltio we use Apache Cassandra for our modern data management PaaS. One benefit is the columnar compression providing  built-in de-dupe that can reduce data storage by 3x or more it's original footprint, compared with traditional relational databases. Reltio is in good company with others that manage massive volumes of data with Cassandra, the likes of Netflix, Apple do as well. 

Let's listen in on how your Big Data might like to be stored if it had a preference ...

The following conversation with your Big Data was recorded at the offices of Dr. Analytics M.D.

Doctor: “Please take a seat and tell me what brings you here today?”

Big Data: “Thanks Doctor. Well, lately I’ve been feeling depressed. As you can see, I’m getting on in years. Certainly I’m not the same data I used to be. When I was young, I was able to adapt and change with the world. Frequently updating and reinventing myself, which is one of the reasons my ex-girlfriend was attracted to me.”

Doctor: “Tell me more about your ex-girlfriend.”

Big Data: “She’s a famous RDBMS, very energetic, well liked, but very high maintenance. Her job is to process and manage transactional data, that’s how we met actually. We’ve been together for years, but our relationship has been changing for a while. She rarely calls me, and when she does she only reminisces about the old times and our history together. Even though the relationship wasn’t going anywhere, I was comfortable with the arrangement, until one day she broke it off.”

Doctor: “How did she break up with you?”

Big Data: “She told me that she chatted to her boss (and best friend), Margie (She's a Data-driven Application). Margie told her that we rarely we see each other, how I never change, that I don't have any reliable friends, and apparently the last straw was that I was overweight and dragging her down. Taking up valuable space with all my junk. To top it off, we lived in her apartment and her landlord, Joe Storage, told her that the lease was just for one person and she wasn’t allowed to have me stay there anymore.”

Doctor: “How did you react?”

Big Data: “I got mad, said a few choice words, grabbed my stuff and stormed out! Then I calmed down and went to talk to Joe to see if I there was space in the building for me. Unfortunately, Joe Storage’s building caters for young up and coming data scientist types. You can only own the premises at an astronomical per sq. foot cost, as you pay for the data warehousing facilities. It has exorbitant maintenance, and every 3 years the have to completely redo the building with the latest foundation from the ground up. I really couldn’t afford to live there.”

Doctor: “You mentioned your age earlier, do you think this is the main reason why she broke up with you?”

Big Data: “I did at first, because we had been together for so long. But a friend of mine recently experienced a similar issue. He’s young, machine-generated, and straight off the IoT network, but he was also told by his RDBMS other half that he takes up too much space, and it was too expensive to keep him around.”

Doctor: “Actually you are correct, this is becoming a common issue. Many of my patients are reporting the same symptoms that you and your friend are experiencing. Unfortunately, just like fad diets and late night TV commercials, there are as many people offering different approaches to this problem and it can be confusing. It's important to be specific about your core needs, which if I could recap as follows:

  • You have come to terms, unlike dimensional data you no longer change
  • You need help losing some weight to get smaller, but you don't want to lose the essence of what makes you, you
  • You need more reliable friends you can count on
  • You would like to be more driven
  • You need somewhere that you can subscribe to, not have to own, and within your budget
  • You like the analytics I'm providing you, but you want it included with your subscription

The people I will introduce you to specialize in managing all types of Big Data like yourself and your friend. There are lots of other types of data in the building, including reliable master data who are great neighbors. For your subscription, you get full maintenance with the latest upgrades 3 times or more a year included. 

Once you are settled in, your ex-girlfriend and her data-driven friend, can visit you anytime.  And best of all, the total cost will be much less than what you and your girlfriend were paying. Finally, you can move in immediately, no complicated setup required.

Big Data: “Doc, you’re a lifesaver, I can’t thank you enough!”

Doctor: “You’re welcome. Finally the best part is, you won't have to visit me separately, I'll know exactly how you're doing because I'm in the building too. In fact, I can predict a bright future, and I see you helping many along the way.”

Big Data: “That's awesome, although I am big and cumbersome, my favorite thing is helping people be right faster.”