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The Most Innovative Healthcare & Life Sciences Red Herring Top 100 Winners

This week I was honored to be invited by Red Herring to present as one of the hundreds of finalists at the Red Herring 100 for North America. Each finalist was given a 12 minute presentation slot in which to articulate their product, value proposition, company heritage, current customers, target market, financials, competition and outlook, from which 100 were selected as winners.

Before and after my presentation, I was able to attend and network with some extremely interesting and innovative companies. With healthcare and life sciences being one of the primary target verticals for Reltio, I was particularly intrigued by the following companies with Hygenix (saving lives through better hand Hygene) being my personal favorite.


BacterioScan is an in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) company focused on the rapid detection and real-time quantification of bacteria in fluid using optical measurements. Their instruments can rapidly detect infection, determine if it is resistant to a range of antibiotics, and provide clinicians with patient-specific guidance on the most rapid and cost-effective treatment plan.  

Breathe Technologies

Breathe Technologies is a developer and manufacturer of innovative medical technologies for patients with respiratory insufficient and neuromuscular diseases. Their ventilation devices lighten the load for patients with COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary (PULL-mun-ary) and other breathing disorders. 

Chartwise Medical Systems

ChartWise Medical Systems is a medical software firm and the developer of ChartWise 2.0, a web-based solution for Computer-Assisted Clinical Documentation Improvement.  ChartWise 2.0′s clinical intelligence expertise assists physicians and clinical documentation specialists with increased efficiencies and completeness of documentation, queries and workflow. 

Foresight Vision5

ForSight VISION5 develops non-invasive products that replace eye drops and provide sustained therapy for major eye diseases including glaucoma, dry eye, and allergy.



Hyginex is a patented wearable information technology that generates big data to drive change and save lives in the healthcare industry. Hyginex was founded when Efrat Raichman lost her uncle to a healthcare associated infection (HAIs). After researching the problem further, she realized better hand hygiene was key to preventing these terrible infections and that there was no technology solution available on the market. She developed the Hyginex system, the first electronic hand hygiene improvement and monitoring technology to save patient lives and help hospitals improve their hand hygiene culture.


MenoGeniX is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the development of an approved drug, in a new indication, menopause, and the menopause-like symptoms that occur in certain breast and prostate cancer patients. The only currently approved medication for menopausal hot flashes is hormone therapy (HT) with estrogens which is associated with significant health risks including cardiovascular disease and breast cancer.  It is expected that treatment will provide a significantly safer alternative to hormone therapy (HT) for women undergoing the menopause transition and may be useful, ultimately, in other indications where hot-flashes are known to occur.


Although surprisingly not selected as a Red Herring 100 winner, Medyear provided a very compelling presentation as one of the first HIPAA-compliant universal health record networks, that helps you and me collect and make sense of all our our personal health data. For $1.99 via the AppStore they say they can aggregate and reconcile all of your medical history and information in one place. They are a company worth watching.

Congratulations to all of the finalists and winners. We are honored at Reltio to be nominated among this list of innovative companies, helping change lives for the better in Healthcare and Life Sciences.