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What are Your Top Priorities when Considering a New Job?

The job market in tech has never been hotter with a fierce competition for talent. Employers are pulling out all the stops, and candidates are being more discerning. Last month I contributed the short article below to CBS San Francisco. For an in depth discussion about accessing the business prospects of a company see my post “How to Make Sure the Next Startup you Work for Gets Acquired”

  • As an employer, what is your best reason why a candidate should pick you? 
  • For job seekers, what’s your top criteria when deciding on a new job? 

—- Previously published at KPIX CBS San Francisco —

Amongst the beautiful offices and wonderful amenities, many are also chasing the dream of the next big startup. These “unicorns” are startups that reach $1 billion in valuation prior to an IPO. Those who get in on the ground floor can reap significant financial rewards, but the law of averages can wreak havoc with those plans.

Last year, CBInsights reported in a blog that “Companies typically die around 20 months after their last financing round and after having raised $1.3M. Companies in the social industry saw the highest of number of startup failures in the period in question.”

… it’s more important to choose your boss than to choose the company you may be considering.

So what should a highly skilled, in demand, tech worker do when faced with so many opportunities, and a seemingly equal amount of risk? Think like an investor. 

Finally, for many – particularly those in the early stages of their careers – it’s more important to choose your boss than to choose the company you may be considering. Having a mentor that is supportive and not threatened by your success is key. As legendary business guru Tom Peters once wrote, “Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.” That’s worth a million perks.


@Reltio, we are passionate about giving candidates an in-depth understanding of the company’s potential and their opportunities within the organization.

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