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Surprising Findings from Master Data Management EU Summit

Earlier this week I presented a 3 hour workshop at the MDM EU Summit in London titled MDM Comes of Age with Big Data and Data-driven Applications”, covering best practices, case studies and technology considerations discussing the following topics and more: 

  • Leveraging enterprise multichannel data to enable ‘inside-out’ client view via MDM
  • Understanding the business value of Big Data, NoSQL vs. RDBMS vs. Data Warehouse, Hadoop (HDFS & MapReduce)
  • Discussion of IoT, Machine Learning and Data Monetization
  • Establishing the business case for MDM & real-time data-driven applications  

I also presented the next day a session Leveraging MDM for M&A – The “Ultimate” Master Data Challenge with a case study discussing how to:

  • Agglomerating M&A data together from the merging parties into a single Cloud environment to rapid deploy Big Data analytics
  • Creating a pre-merger information model that clearly shows synergies between merging parties while providing post-merger foundation for consolidation & business growth
  • Masterminding data-driven applications to simultaneously support downstream needs of hundreds of legacy applications across hundreds of operating divisions/business units

Please email me at ramon.chen@reltio.com if you’d like a copy of either presentation.

Both presentations were extremely interactive, with lots of great questions from the audience. During the workshop, and throughout the conference via Twitter and direct emails, I conducted an anonymous poll of the MDM EU Summit attendees. The latest results are summarized in the table below. If you would like to add to the survey results, feel free to take the poll at www.reltio.com/fullpoll:


  • #1 Experts and Beginners dominate (why come to a conference otherwise)
  • #2 Companies are starting to demand multi-domain as table-stakes
  • #3 Match and Merge flexibility rated most prized
  • #5 Big Data awareness and experience mostly at beginner level
  • #8 Data Quality rated Highest Challenge or Need


  • #4 Easier/faster upgrades or equivalent mentions (the question allowed for free format responses) rated highest, perhaps reflecting interest in cloud and more agile MDM
  • #6 Interest in all elements of social, mobile, analytics and cloud
  • #7 100% feel that MDM and Big Data initiatives should be combined, even though discussions with attendees indicated they were not responsible for Big Data projects
  • #8 Even though data quality was the main concern, time to business value was called out, reflecting sensitivity by IT to business user needs
  • #10 Machine learning was of interest

OBSERVATIONS DURING AAron Zornes MDM Vendor Evaluation Session:

The mention and focus on Graph databases continued in a panel hosted by Aaron, which selected Graphs as the #1 topic for discussion. This is not a surprising trend since Aaron himself tweeted out at NYC’s MDM Summit last year.

My workshop contained an in-depth discussion around graphs and their impact in the world of MDM

It was a great event, well organized with lots of excellent presentations and interactions. I concluded that many companies are just starting their MDM journey, and thanks to the pioneers, they can avoid the mistakes of years past. Judging by the interest level at the Summit in technologies beyond MDM, such as graph databases, cloud, machine learning, they are focused on doing so.