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Why Life Sciences Must Have Patients with Their Data

The Reltio team spent a couple of wonderful days at eyeforpharma in Philadelphia (#efpPhilly). We met with healthcare professionals involved with leading edge new treatments, commercial experts driving innovation through breakthrough thinking, cancer survivors with incredible courage, eloquence and passion in their presentations, and fellow technologists with offerings to automate and streamline processes and management of vast quantities of data.

While we were not able to attend eyeforpharma Barcelona a few weeks prior (#efpbarca) in person we certainly benefited from the reports and insights of virtual participation and reporting through excellent blog posts such as this one by @pharmaguy, and the enthusiastic tweet-by-tweet reporting and commentary by @alanROYGBIV

Much like Barcelona, patient-centricity was a big focus in Philly. Some of the best patient and patient centricity related presentations were nicely captured in tweets by chairwoman Jill Donahue ‪@jillengagerx, who herself kicked off the proceedings with an inspiring presentation.

She was followed soon after by Anita Burrell, formerly of Sanofi, who encouraged the audience to focus on each person vs. a classification of a patient, and to truly get at the heart of what each individual cares about.

The next day Bruce Lavin Vice President, Medical Affairs North America UCB in turn visualized the 5 Cs of patient value.

But the best and most engaging presentation in my opinion came from Jack Whelan, who is a cancer survivor with ongoing treatments.

I was fortunate enough to sit at lunch to talk to Jack and hear a little bit about his story, and how he has a rare incurable form of blood cancer, a lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma called Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia (WM). Jack has been presenting at conferences, spreading hope to all for a while now, but from my perspective hearing it first hand was both sobering and inspiring.

As a provider of technology that both manages data, and delivers it to frontline users in the most reliable, relevant and actionable way we know how, it is clear that efficiencies, agility, effectiveness and answers can be found within related data. Through our cloud-based platform we can dynamically uncover relationships across the spectrum, showing HCOs who employ HCPs, affiliations between HCPs and their peers, activities and interactions of HCPs recommending drugs to Patients, who ultimately benefit through trials or ongoing treatments.

As we continue to improve our technology for the wide variety of challenges facing healthcare and life sciences organizations, it goes without saying that patient data must be a key part of the mix. We believe that accelerating the convergence of this data, and making it actionable, while correlating outcomes to recommendations can help along every part of this journey.

At Reltio, our mission just got a little bit more important.