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Timely Reliable Business Data – Is the Apple Watch in Your Future?

The first shipment of Apple Watches arrived for over a million people yesterday. Among the eager consumers sending doodles and their personal heart beats are enterprise frontline business users wondering what the future holds for them. Will the Apple Watch help them in their day-to-day business activities like the iPad has?

Back in September 2014, CRM Buyer magazine speculated “Where Apple Watch Leads, CRM Will Follow?

CRM system users are a versatile bunch. Some 29 percent of participants in a recent survey accessed CRM through four devices: laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. Twenty percent said they used a combination of three of the aforementioned form factors, and about 81 percent said they used multiple devices to access CRM

And salesforce.com in March 2015 announced their suite of applications and tools for the Apple Watch. Including Salesforce Wave.

What about use case beyond purely process-driven CRM applications?

Healthcare and life sciences already have compelling enterprise data-driven applications, ready to deploy for the Apple Watch, and for integration with other wearables.

Last month IBM announced it would create the Watson Health Cloud, which would combine data from Apple platforms such as HealthKit and ResearchKit with IBM’s “cognitive computing” platform named Watson. With the Watson Health Cloud, IBM is seeking to make sense of decades of clinical research and social data. 

It makes sense, given the small visual form factor, that the Apple Watch can and should be used to gather information quickly. Displaying only the most relevant and recommended actions to the business user. Of course in the enterprise, data must be reliable, with full compliance and audit history as a backbone.

For healthcare and life sciences, the Apple Watch is a natural fit. Data-driven applications are available today for any use case or business challenge, deployable on any form factor of device for frontline business users. 

What will the future hold for a data-driven wearables in other industries? Only time will tell.

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