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Powering Data-driven Applications with Cassandra

When we started Reltio, the foundation of our cloud-based modern data management platform had to be the repository or data store. As such, we invested significant cycles evaluating the latest technology available across a range of RDF and NoSQL databases.

Ultimately we ended up selecting Apache Cassandra (C*), and naturally chose DataStax as our strategic technology partner. At last night’s C* meetup in downtown San Francisco, my colleagues Alexey Sidelnikov, Pavel Bordukov and I, joined by our esteemed Senior Director of Engineering Zoltan Gombosi, were honored to be able to present to a large gathering of C* professionals, detailing our journey and how we ended up picking C*. Alexey also provided insight into how we manage locking natively within C*, without the use of other any other projects or tools. We received lots of great feedback and really appreciated the host of insightful questions. If you would like a copy of our presentation, click here to download the PDF. Please fill in the form so we know that you were interested in what presented, it helps refine and improve our presentations for future audiences.

C* is our foundational data store, and we’ve added a healthy dose of our secret sauce on top to create what we call the Commercial Graph. The inspiration for our graph technology comes from consumer data-driven applications such as LinkedIn (economic graph), Facebook (social graph) and Google (knowledge graph). At Reltio, we believe that the only way to deliver infinitely scalable, flexible and extensible enterprise-class data-driven applications is to blend the power of C* together with graph technology.

Our recent announcement and official public launch of Reltio Cloud, together with Series A funding by Crosslink Capital and .406 Ventures continues to validate our vision. Having spent four years working with C* as one of the earliest adopters, and running production data-driven applications and modern data management in the cloud for the last two, we have been able to continue to exceed customer’s expectations by meeting their business challenges, in any industry domain or context.

We’ve been very fortunate to have what we feel is a talented globally distributed engineering team in Russia, India and the US, all working together to deliver what has been described recently by the press and media, as “pioneering”, “disruptive” and “ground breaking.”

Those marketing accolades aside, we continue to focus on making Reltio Cloud better through Cassandra and other new technologies. We thank DataStax for supporting us in our development and for the kind words of Matt Pfeil, DataStax cofounder who recently remarked

Reltio’s innovative use of Apache Cassandra and big data technologies as the foundation for their Commercial Graph allows them to deliver flexibility, agility and scale. It’s no surprise that the Reltio Cloud can handle an infinite number of data types, sources and ultimately business use cases. At DataStax, we believe that companies like Reltio are only scratching the surface of the potential of Cassandra, and we expect the best is yet to come.
-Matt Pfeil, Co-founder & Chief Customer Officer, DataStax

Thanks once again to DataStax and Disqus (for hosting the meet-up at their HQ). We hope to see you at future meet-ups and at the Cassandra Summit in September. In the meantime, please do drop us a note if you are interested in joining our quest, to revolutionize software through data-driven applications, and to enable our customers and partners to #berightfaster.