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Is MDM the Appetizer and Affiliation Management the Banquet?

Understanding the relationship between the vast number of Healthcare Professionals (HCP), the practicing locations and Healthcare Organizations (HCO) where they may see a patient is often the most critical – and most daunting – component of managing healthcare customer data. One might argue that performing master data management to generate reliable data for accurate matching is merely an appetizer compared to the potential banquet of affiliation management.

Markets have evolved to become more restrictive, and corporate-owned facilities increase in size and influence, understanding professional and organizational relationships and their structure is crucial for go-to-market applications. Industry sources estimate that 30% of healthcare professionals change practice locations every year, which further complicates providing current, accurate customer information – whether on a single physician or a convoluted institution. Some key questions that an affiliation management solution would need to answer include:

  • Who the key practitioners are?
  • Where do they practice?
  • How to map influence and competitive assessment?
  • What value should be placed on practice locations at the group level up through the organizational hierarchy when rolled up?
  • What commercial opportunities can be identified at the corporate, subsidiary and local level

In their effort to bridge this information gap, most Life Sciences organizations try to leverage pieces of customer and affiliation information from multiple third party data feeds and source some of this information from their salesforce, without the necessary tools that easily allow business users to understand and leverage insights to execute timely actions from such data.

Almost all organizations also make the mistake of using master data management tools merely to improve the quality of their CRM applications to try to solve their problem. Many traditional customer-focused MDM solutions are unable to handle the complexity of real-world affiliations.

It’s clear that affiliation management is an area that has not been addressed well to date. Now if only there was an enterprise data-driven application for that …